My first memory of hair oil is my mom telling a 5 year old me that I need to oil my hair every week or else when I grow older I shall be in serious trouble. Im not sure whether it was me ignoring my mommies lectures that got me to the state of hairfall Im at now, but as far as i remember , Hair oil was never cool!

If your hair as much as smelt of coconut oil in school, you would pretty much become the butt of all jokes in Class 5-D ! There was a general sense of ‘eww’ regarding hair oil ..that was until Youtube came into play.

Suddenly, we had these beauty bloggers sitting in California waxing eloquent about the benefit of Moroccan Oil, or Argan Oil or Rose Hip oil? I recently even had a bridal shopping client who told me about how she used Morocaan oil after washing her hair.  After Washing your hair? Doesn’t your hair get oily? I asked? “Nope, its a dry oil- you wont smell or feel sticky at all. It just absorbs into the scalp and when your hair dry they are super soft and smooth?” . I was definitely intrigued !

So is Hair oil the new cool ? Are these Moroccan Oils actually better than our regular coconut oil or is this just the tried and tested oil we grew up with in glossier packaging and young, hip, marketing? I haven’t tried any to be honest and im currently on the hunt for the original Moroccan Hair Oil in India, but do respond with comments below those of you who have.

Here are some of whats available in the market:

The ‘Original’ Moroccan Oil



This brown and cerulean blue packaging is what is considered to be the “ORIGINAL” Moroccan Oil. They have a range of intense treatments and light oils for all hair types.

Where to buy these:

– These iv spotted in some Looks Salons across Delhi

– Saw these at a Lakme Salon in Mumbai as well

– Not completely sure about these being available online


The ‘Organix’ Moroccan Oil


These ones i have actually seen online- made by a company called Organix and these are available at Jabong/ Flipkart etc

Macademia Oils



Another version iv spotted are these macademia oils. These are available at salons like Hair n Shanti in Delhi but not sure where else

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