Its my new obsession- to Insta the goddamn life out of everything ! Are you following me on Instagram girlies? If you are the ‘ Please Mehak i have better things to do than aimlessly follow you on Insta ‘ types then worry not, im bringing this weeks Insta to you!mom-me

One of my first pics was with my mom (I swear if she finds out about this, she will KILL me so those of you who read my blog and know her (you know who you guys are)..please dont tell her i put her photo online! This was at a random 5:00 pm snack outing to Cyber Hub at a place called Soda Bottle Opener Wala ! Its got like Mumbai street food and parsi food.



Then this week i also got this bridal lehenga customised for a bridal shopping client (Brides by P&B for the winnn!). Im not going to shamelessly promote at the moment, but yeah you know where to get in touch incase you dont live in India but want something equally gorgeous from here (oh wait, i just shamelesssly promoted huh)



On wednesday our help cancelled on us and me and the boy enjoyed new york style Pizza from Fat Lulu’s!


We had a team lunch from Office at this place called Soi 7 and the brownies looked so tempting! They tasted quite okay though !


Last night was my cousin brothers birthdayyyy! Slung my Tory Burch with my beige blazer to ring in the festivites at Shalom. (PS: Those of you who are planning on buying a Tory Burch from the US- let m just give you my two cents. I hate the quality. I swear when you see this bag, you would probably think i picked it up street shopping in GK or something – the eather and the finishing leave a LOT to be desired)




And finally we rounded up last night with a glass of white wine. Okay  more like 4 glasses of white wine, some flat bread pizza, and tartelletes. Yeah it sounds all fancy and stuff – it was YUMMMMMM with a capital Y to tha M homie ! (Thats how my brothers generation talks- ‘Its so sick bro’ ..’Whatsup Homie’ ….Im convinced they were born with a defect in their language- this entire generation).

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