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Philips Kerashine Styler Review

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There are two kinds of girls in life. The ones born with naturally straight hair – who sail through life mostly with never ever having a bad hair day, just flip their hair over their shoulders and be like ” Oh this, i just washed it and came”. The others are the curly headed creatures like me, who love their hair but for the life of them cannot predict what shape of an animal their hair will be in the next day. I swear sometimes, I wake up and my hair look like a ball of sheep…and sometimes they look like a goat. Moo. Oh wait- goats don’t moo. Anyhow, so yeah, I personally hate Hair straighteners- i feel they make my hair flat and limp and characterless , which leaves options for styling my hair pretty limited but the Philips Kerashine Styler is so useful that i literally can do my hair in ten minutes for a party and get structured, soft waves !!!

Philips says ” Philips KeraShine styler allows you easily create soft waves while caring for your hair. Heated 45mm barrel with Keratin coating secures long lasting results, and retractable bristles guarantee safe application.”

First of all..look at this cool gadgetry haan? If you are obsessed with me all you will want to do is keep twisting the nob so that the bristles go in and out !


The idea is you wrap your hair around the rod on the left and when you want to untangle them, just twist the black knob so the bristles retract and your hair fall free. Genius haan?

philips-ionic-kerashine-hair-styler-2See on the left- today my hair look like a lions ! Roar.

Step 1: Switch the rod on and let it heat for sometime. Then  twist the rod around  your  hair after switching it on.

Step 2: Hold for 2 minutes then retract the bristles and letyour hair fall loose.

Step 3:This is how the  strand looks!



After using the Philips Kerashine Styler , this is how it looks in the end, and this is really after just about 15 minutes of work its not a big deal really.  Also i flipped my hair down and combed through it after a day, and when i flipped it back my waves turned into just a nice, bouncy mass of straightish hair. Me like!

So in my opinion you should get the Philips Styler if :

1. You are after Soft waves and find it hard to get them

2. You get scared of your hair getting caught up in the curling rods of other brands (This doesnt get stuck at all)

3. You want hair that is sleek and structured but still with bounce

Skip this if:

  1. Tight curls is what you are after.

I also use the Philips Salon Stylist which happens to be my favourite curling rod ! The Salon Stylist in FABULOUS for curles and waves both.

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Verdict: A-

Price : Rs 2595/-

Recommendation: If soft waves are what you are after then the Philips Kerashine Styler will not dissapoint. I wish they sold it with some other attachments too so that i could get multiple types of curls with one product!

PS: Talking about hair in the shape of animals – the day before my wedding was a Pooja and i went in just having washed my hair and this pesky kid comes up to me with a photo of a lion. He points at me and says ” you look like this”. Can you imagine. Saying that to the bride- I swear i wanted to choke the life out of him.



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