Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick Swatches

This New Years Eve was somewhat different from the usual ! While last year, and for 4 years before that i got dressed up, went out with my friends and danced till wee hours in the morning, this year me and the boy stayed home. We opened a glass of wine. Okay more like a bottle- FINE. 2 bottles ,  Ordered in seafood (prawns and crab from Swagath) , snuggled on the couch in our blanket and watched dvd’s and tv series on our idiot box  as we rang in the new year  !!! But even though i was in my PJ’s (FYI- if anyone is travelling abroad tell them to get you Victoria Secret’s fleece pyjmas…im not kidding . If god decided that everyone should be in the same clothes all season round- i would pick this for winter) i couldnt resist testing out these two Colorbar creme touch lipsticks  i bought from Nykaa (The boy thought i was insane to be wearing lipstick with PJ’s but hey – those VS models wear eyeshadow with lingerie so please excuse me)

For the record- the Colorbar Creme Touch Lipsticks are my favourite drugstore lipsticks ! My only problem with them is that they kind of have shades which are so similar that its difficult to pick out unique ones which look very different but these two- Dreamy Pink and Sienna a Magic are the perfect bright additions to any girls makeup stash!

colorbar-creme-touch-lipstick-2 colorbar-creme-touch-lipsticks1



Left: Sienna A Magic, Right: Dreamy Pink

Sienna a Magic is a bright, peachy coral ! Its got a nice, high shine finish and is super flattering on my medium skin tone. It is definitely a perk me up kind of color but not something that would get you fined for blinding people (Is there a fine like that? Babbi lehri should know)

Dreamy Pink is a pretty, medium  rose pink which looks much brighter on the lips than in the swatch honestly. Its a nice pink to own but i wouldn’t say its a very unique shade- definitely one thats flattering though!

You know how i feel about these creme touches anyway right. They are super pigmented, super moisturizing, long lasting, and everything you really would want in a lipstick. Infact Nude Coral from the same range is one of my favourite all time lipsticks!


Colorbar Creme Touch Sienna A Magic Swatch


Colorbar Creme Touch Dreamy Pink Swatch

Verdict: A

Price: Rs 405/- from . In stores its 450/-

Recommendation: The Colorbar Creme touch lipstick formula is super fab and any of the shades they have would be a great addition to your stash. These two colors are pretty brights that instantly perk up your face, but Nude Coral (reviewed earlier) continues to be my favourite!