It’s the season to be Jolly-tra-lulla-la-laaa-lulla-lalaaaaaaaaaa ! Its not christmas, its Valentines day and this Valentines day I am spending solo after a long long time (The boy is in Hyderabad for some reason so I shall stay along…insert exaggerated Bollywood dialogue such as ‘Main aur meri tanhaeee’)

But keeping all of that aside, if there are two things Im super picky about it is men and perfumes. I hate over powering scents, and I like my perfumes to be soft and romantic but with a little bit of character. These 5 are my absolute top 5 picks for Valentines day !

1. Elie Saab Le Parfum: Got this as a part of this months Envy Box  and Iv been wearing and saving these perfume samples ever since. Described as a floral solar, woody fragrance this one is so unique its hard to describe. There is a definite soft, sweetness to it with the floral notes but after about 5 minutes you get a whiff of this sexy, woody, earthy  sort of quality. Its the perfect balance of sweet and sexy and a grown up girls perfume!

Wear this if : You want to feel sweet & sexy!

2. Prada Candy Perfume : I wrote about this here- Prada Candy Perfume Review,but basically this is one of my all time favourite scents. The first whiff, you get a sharp burst of a slightly candy like fruit  flavour, which settles down into this gorgeous, vanilla-caramel smell in a few minutes and about fifteen minutes later, it  has this musky, soapy  kind of texture which balances the sweetness perfectly . This is the perfect scent for me- not sickly sweet, but flirty enough to make you feel like a princess !! This also lasta ages on me so that is always a plus.

Wear this if : You want to feel playful  and flirty!

3.Guerlain my Insolence Perfume : I wrote about this here as well Guerlain Insolence Review – this one is like sweet, soft and floral with just a little kick of fruity. It smells of Jasmine and vanilla and somewhere along the lines it has some extract of raspberry which gives it just that little bit of tartyness. Overall its just a soft, soft, innocent kind of perfume.

Wear this if: You want to feel adorable softness

4.Vera Wang Princess: Okay so i know the bottle looks like a 13 year olds crafts project but barring that this is still one of my favourite perfumes ever. It is sweet, is soft, it is innocent. It is literally the feeling of being 16 year old again- carefree, no worries and innocent. Sure it may be more ‘ girly’ than mature but Im still a sucker for girly scents and this one is my favourite of those !

Wear this if: You want to feel sweet 16 again

5. Lancome Miracle: If Vera Wang Princess is a girly innocent scent, then Lancome Miracle is the grown up version of that. Sweet, soft florals that are delicate and innocent- but not in a childish sort of  a way. A grown up womans, soft, innocent scent – I swear everytime I wear this Im invariably always asked about what it is Im wearing. It is really really light and soft though !

Wear this if : You want to feel innocent and beautiful

Any Indian boys reading this??? These would be great Valentines Day gifts for your girlfriend!!! . Note to all girlfriends (Leave this browser window open infront of him. Boys dont get subtle hints!)

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