What is up girlies. I have been MIA lately because of something ‘ Weddingy ‘ we are working on the side- more on that later, but for now prepare to be bedazzledd with Coastal scents. When i started blogging 3 years back- my very first makeup purchase was the Coastal scents 88 pallette , and at that time I thought its the ultimate in what you could own in terms of eyeshadows. Then i discovered Inglot and Mac and realised my Coastal Scents Pallete were just blobs of shimmer pretending to be eyeshadows (DHOKHA all thes yourtube vloggers do I tell you- Anyone who knows anything about makeup will agree that those 88 shimmer pallettes are quite a load of crap). However, when it comes to tutorials these pallettes tend to be slightly helpful so I went for the 120 pallette (Ve 4) this time and honestly this is miles better than the earlier ones.

Not saying it is comparable to Mac quality but the satin finish shadows are actually very pigmented, and show some colour on the eyes unlike the silver shimmer blobs that the 88 palllette has (By the way, at the time i got the 88 pallette i wrote this glowing review about it- so my apologies if someone bought it and thought WHaaa?  I didnt know anything at that time !)



coastal-scents-120-pallette-4-1 coastal-scents-120-pallette-4

Two rows of pretty shadows. I actually bought this pallette for all the oranges and browns on the left hand side. Sooo pretty . I used these colors in my Peach Eyeshadow Tutorial that I did yesterday. My favourite in the entire pallette are the oranges in this stack and the greens in the upper stack- both very high quality. Some of the ultra shimmer ones are quite dissapointing though- its a mix of good and dissapointing shadows but for the money its very worth it if you are planning to try out something new.



The brushes were an absolutely brilliant purchase. These brushes are REALLY REALLY good you guys. They are really cheap (Each brush is like 200 bucks) and the quality is unbelievable. Quite frankly I dont have the heart to spend 2000 Rupees on a Mac brush because I hardly wear shadow, but the drugstore ones in India are really pathetic quality so I was considering investing. Im not going to now because the Coastal Scents brushes are really great !coastal-scents-small-shader-brush That is a small flat shader. Its actually quite small- looks big in the photo. Its nice for picking up color and applying to your eyelid. Its okay, probably not appropriate for my gigantic sized eyes.(I swear my mom says when I was born the doctor was holding me upside down and she took a look at me and got scared because my eyes covered half my face :p )coastal-scents-round-blending0brush

Favourite brush of the three-  small round blending brush. Must have brush for applying and blending crease eyeshadows- its something I had been looking for , for soo long and I finally found the perfect size of the round blending.


This is the small detail brush, its actually VERY small. You can apply like gel liner and stuff with this. I also like to keep it if I want to really define the crease

Where to buy Coastal Scents from: I ordered these from the website- Coastalscents.com . They deliver to India and have various shipping options

Shipping time: I actually paid extra for the FEDEX shipping because I live in an area where couriers get lost a lot (however if you dont then you can get the normal USPS shipping). It took 10 days for them to first process my order and then 5 days for Fedex to ship it so yeah 15 days total

Total Cost: The pallette i think cost just about 12 $, and then the brushes are roughly 3$ each. Shipping was quite expensive though, but overall the pallette plus brushes plus shipping cost me under 3000 Rs.

Is it for you: As a beauty blogger, or as a makeup artist who is starting out these are very useful. For others- if you experiment with colors and stuff like that, or if you really enjoy trying out new eye looks this is a fun thing to have. But incase you stick to more neutral looks you will find you dont use half the shadows .

Custom duties: Didnt have to pay, but that is very subjective and a matter of luck. I know people who have had to in the past.

Is anyone interested in swatches? I didnt do it because I would need octopus level arms to end up swatching all 120 shadows but if you guys want to see then I can put in the effort.

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