I have a tutorial for you girls that is so easy, you can do it with your eyes closed ! (Well actually, you are supposed to do all tutorials with your eyes closed but still this one is like a total cakewalk!) . All you need is :

1. The new Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Eyeliner (I have the one in Amethyst Black)

2. The Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara (Or whatever other mascara you have)

3. (If you are not using the Bobbi Brown Eyeliner and are using any other kajal you will need a cotton bud and vaseline)



Moving clockwise from top left

1. Naked eye, just with Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener used under eye

2. Apply the eyeliner like a a regular thin liner on your upper lid

3. Take the smudger end of the pencil and smudge it. The motion should be like you would use an eraser on a line-going back and forth

4. Thats how pretty and smudgy it looks (If you dont have the Bobbi Brown Eyeliner and want the same effect with your kohl which doesnt smudge so beautifully, take a cotton pud and dip it in Vaseline then smudge. Little trick I learnt from Lisa Eldridge)

5. Open your eye and see if you want to make it even more smudgier. I let it be

5. Line your water line. Keep the pencil more intense in the outer corner and minimal in the inner corner

6. Take the smudger and smudge the same way (Thickest at outer corner)

7. Ta-da. Add mascara and you are done!

You can go more dramatic. For example i could have done a super thick line from the liner and then smudged it, but I like to keep it subtle so I limited it .

I am wearing Mac Hug Me on my lips with a baby pink lipgloss and Mac Face & Body Foundation in the face shot !

Here is a little infographic for you guys to pin on pinterest!


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