If you are solo for Valentines day and you know it clap your hands *Clap Clap*. Why the glum faces girls?? Okay, I know all the red-ness and heartness and cheesiness in the air can be totally annoying, and you literally want to scream if you see one more girl carrying a bouquet of flowers but on the flip side- perfect excuse to go have a girls night out, do some crazy things and make it a V-day to remember. And whether you do have a date or are going solo with your girls, this peach eye shadow tutorial is a great way to kick off the night.

Psst: Order some peach bellini to match , and when a guy complements you on your pretty eyes, say “Look my drink matches with them. Buy me another one !”. Ok no, dont say that.

Stash you need :

1. 2 brushes- a flat shader and a round blending brush

2. A bright orange eyeshadow, a medium peach eyeshadow , a light peach eyeshadow , a matte brown eyeshadow

3. Liner, mAscara



Two must have makeup brushes- A flat shader from Coastal Scents and a small round blending brush for crease area also from Coastal Scents. These brushes are amazing by the way- totally worth the money and tons better than any Vega/ Colorbar etc you get in India.DSC04968


Start with a bright orange eyeshadow. I am using my Coastal Scents 120 by 5 pallete and the shadow in the last row labelled 1



Step1 :Apply it in your outer  third of your eye. PS: On the left i have used a primer on top of my lids thats why the grey look. Its the Urban Decay Primer Potion


Step 2: Then, take Mac Expensive Pink eyeshadow (or you can choose eyeshadow labelled as 2 in the pic and with your flat shader brush apply it in the centre of your eyelids.

Peaches & Blush64


Step 3:With a smaller shader brush, pick the shade labelled 2 and apply it on your inner 1/3rd of the eyes.



Step 4: Now take the rounded blending brush and dip it into your favourite matte crease color. Mac Folie is an eternal favourite of mine, it is the perfect crease color for my skintone. PS: Comment below and tell me what your favourite crease color is.

Using your favourite crease color go over the orange on your crease and with a windshield wiper motion blend it out. The brown will mute the orange a bit and when you open your eyes it should look like this.



Step 5: Apply eyeliner. Im using a Chambor dark chocolate brown eyeliner. Also apply kohl halfway down your eye on the bottom rim. I did not go the full way because i still wanted that open-eyes look and didnt want it to feel harsh but if you feel naked without kohl, go ahead and do it the full way.


Step 6: Click photos of eye in various poses to freak people out.


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