Okayyyy, lets talk about something a little bit on the  more intimate side.  Anonymous wrote in to me asking to put this as a Reader Query so here goes.

How many of you get Bikini/ Brazilian Waxes done? (For those unaware a Bikini wax is when they wax everything apart from a little triangle off, so you can wear a bikini without worrying about stuff peeping through. A Brazilian wax is when they wax everything off period- you are like a new born baby)  In Delhi they have become super common so pretty much all my friends head to the salon to get their routine Brazilians done. Any of you know any good parlors who do these ? Someone safe, clean, hygienic and who wont rip your organs off (I swear, I get nightmares about that!) .

Is it worth the pain, or is it totally over rated? Do you think Bikini Waxes are a necessity now or still more of a luxury? Let me know your thoughts I want to know !!!

On a seperate note…Regarding Chocolate Wax

Speaking of waxing in general , how many of you have switched over to Chocolate wax?? I have and frankly , Im not exaggerating its changed my life !!! Honest. It is not burning hot first of all, so its easier to bear but also it makes my growth smoother and the gap between sessions is now much longer !! More than that, with just one swipe – Chocolate wax can remove much more deep and ingrown hair than regular wax can and is totally non sticky. The next time you are at the salon- ask them for a chocolate wax- Atleast for under-arms and areas like that it is super useful.!

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