Bobbi Brown Smokey eye Effect Eyeliner

Complicated things in life that are difficult to understand: Neurophysics , Multicollinearity in Logistic Regression (though I know this one like the back of my hand-part of the job you see ;) ),  Men and how to create a smokey eye. But i kid you not, with the new Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Effect Eyeliner, smokey eyes are like childs play . Literally- CHILDS PLAY! One quick tutorial coming up soon but for now see what Im talking about



A sleek black wand that is the Bobbi Brown Smokey eye Eyeliner in Black Amethyst



This has a smudger at one end an the pencil at the other !



It swatches like this, a beautiful deep amethyst color that is pure gorgeous-ness but in low lighting it does end up looking black. What Bobbi Brown intends you to do is simply apply this all around the eye and then softly smudge it to create a gorgeous, molten smokey eye.

They even have a smokey eye mascara of which i got a cute little sample so I shall put both of these to good use for my Smokey eye tutorial which will use only these two items and a little trick I learnt from Lisa Eldridge! If you guys in the mean time want to look at my other smokey eye tutorials- check this one out- Bronze Smokey Eye and Classic Black Smokey Eye

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