I have never really been on a Jungle Safari before , except once to Jim Corbett but I dont think seeing only tiger paws on the ground and nothing else really counts as a safari . (Question- how many of you have actually seen exotic animals on a safari? Im convinced its all a scam. A big person wearing Tiger claw shaped molds just walks around the path to trick us into hoping for a tiger) . You know who is not tricking us though- Clinique ! Their new All About Shadow Eyeshadow Quad in On Safari has the perfect mix of miltary greens and olive golds!

clinique-all-about-eyes-eyeshadow-quadq clinique-all-about-eyes-eyeshadow-quad


The quad has 4 little eyeshadow friends sitting on a bench. The first one is a buttery, soft cream which is a nice highlighting color without being extra shimmery. The second is like a military green- almost a matte . This one has a nice texture but lacks a tad bit in the pigmentation department. The third one is a gorgeous olive green-gold. Its got beautiful pigmentation, gorgeous texture and is probably the best shadow on that bench. The last is a darkened charcoal grey with a tinge of green in it . This is dry and stiff and annoying to work with as it just doesnt blend!

clinique-all-about-eyes-eyeshadow-quad3 clinique-all-about-eyes-eyeshadow-quad1

Peaches & Blush46



A couple of extra points for the mirror inside. Super handy that- very useful to endlessly stare at yourself when you are bored travelling in the metro. What? You dont do that?

Verdict: B+

Price: 2150

Recommendation:The Clinique All about shadow eyeshadow quad in ‘ On Safari’ is the perfect complement to your jungle shorts and a tank top. Or well, even a nice green sari if you may- the golds and greens are perfect for brides looking for a nice quad for their trouseay. The colors work well together but its more a question of how much you would want to spend on a green themed pallette!

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