Enliven Pro-V Ultra Hold Hair Spray Hair Styler Review (1) Enliven Ultra Hold Hair Spray Review

I had wavy, unmanageable hair until I fell prey to the lures of rebonding and got hair that is poker straight. Call it ironic, but at times I actually curl my hair to get those waves back (talk about grass being greener on the other side haan?) . So those 2-3 times a month that I do curl my hair, I use this Enliven Ultra Hold Hair Spray!

Product DescriptionEnliven Ultra Hold Hairspray contains Amino Pro-Vitamin B5 to help replace lost Amino Acids found naturally in the hair, helping to strengthen and maintain healthier hair. Suitable for all hair types.

My Experience With Enliven Pro-V Ultra Hold Hair Spray Hair Styler:

The hair spray has a liquid non-sticky texture which after application evaporates instantly. It’s lightweight and you wont  feel that there is anything really applied on your hair. Its color-less and doesn’t leave any kind of film or whiteness on  your hair after application. As soon as you apply it, it makes hair smooth and you can run fingers easily without any difficulty. It doesn’t make hair, stiff unlike some other hair sprays I’ve tried which turn my hair into a solid rock , or like crunchy french fries.

I have used this spray before and after styling, the results are good in both ways. The holding strength is very good and it holds my curls for 4 hours which is pretty good. I also use it after making a poof  and it keeps my hair intact and neat at the same time. It looks very natural and also manages my fly-away. Overall, it’s a good styling hair spray which holds style for long hours.

However if you are looking for a heavy duty hairspray to hold up complicated hair styles the entire day, this is not for you

Enliven Pro-V Ultra Hold Hair Spray Hair Styler Review (2)Enliven Pro-V Ultra Hold Hair Spray Hair Styler Review (3)


  • Packaging is nice and sturdy
  • Easy-to-use spray bottle
  • Price is affordable
  • Pleasant fragrance which makes hair smell good
  • Sticky liquid which evaporates quickly
  • Non-drying texture
  • Color-less
  • Holds styled hair for 3-4 hours
  • Fixes fly-away and controls them
  • Does not frizz out hair
  • I can curl, make poof, pony, bun with this spray
  • Lightweight and washes away easily
  • Doesn’t make hair stiff
  • Haven’t experienced any side effect like hair fall or dandruff


  • It’s not perfume-free
  • I wish the holding power was more
  • Not a heat protector

Rating: A-

Price: Rs. 250 for 300 ml

Recommendation: Enliven Pro-V Ultra Hold Hair Spray Hair Styler is a good value for money hair spray and perfect for those who are looking for a good budget friendly spray that you can use for making a poof, or for days when you are using your curling rod without making your hair crunchy. Its color-less, non-drying, non-sticky, has pleasant fragrance and holds hair style for 4-5 hours. Do note this is not a heavy  duty spray so it wont last the entire day on complicated hair styles

Guest Review By Neha Jassal (Hair Type: Straight, thin and chemically treated)

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