Jordana Brow Powder Duo In Dark Swatches & Review (7) Jordana Brow Powder Duo In Dark: Swatches & Review

Guest Review By Priya

Do you have an eyebrow story? A really dramatic one! I know its a weird question but ever since I had an “eyebrow accident” 5 years back I have become very sceptical –  it makes me wonder if such incidents are common or rare(or maybe its just me!) Flashback story – 5 years back when I was getting my eyebrows done by a professional (that’s what she called herself) I don’t know what she was thinking she completely destroyed it, my eyebrows didn’t look aligned after the session. It was weird; I had one eyebrow up and one down and after that they never really were the same . I had lived with such eyebrows for more than 3 years until an angelic soul tried making it right and working with her for almost a year on my eyebrows, they look somewhat symmetrical.  In my period of desperation, I researched on numerable eyebrow grooming options and Jordana Brow Powder Duo was the one I hung onto.

Product Description:

Jordana Brow Powder Duo

  • Matte Finish 
  • Intense Pigment 
  • Dual-Ended Slanted Brush/Sponge

Using the mini angle brush, apply the powder shades individually or blend together for the perfect custom brow color. Softly define and blend brow powder shade(s) following the shape of your natural brow. Apply to the outer edges first, then move to the area closer to the nose.

Jordana Brow Powder Duo is available in 4 variants – Light, Medium, Dark, Black. For Indian complexion only dark & black variants will work. Black variant might look too artificial, dark seems perfect for our complexion. Coming to the shades & textures of powder duo, the lighter shade is a light beige brown color and the darker one is the taupe brown kind of color. The texture is smooth but it not powdery as an eyeshadow, it has a waxy texture to it which makes it last all long day without fading.  I have seen many people using matte eyeshadows to fill the sparse in the eyebrows but in my experience waxiness of the brow powder contains makes it long lasting. I have tested it for as long as 12 hours and it did not budge at all. It is water resistant as well and comes off only by using a proper makeup remover.

Application of Jordana Powder Duo is simple and does not take more than 2 minutes, on day to day basis I just fill in the sparse spots only.  On my skintone, mixing both the colors works well.

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  • Easy to use brow powder
  • Comes in 4 variants – everyone can find a shade
  • Smooth & waxy texture
  • Waxy texture makes it last all day long
  • Water resistant
  • Not very expensive


  • Availability in India
  • Dual ended applicator is not very useful
  • It does not come with an inbuilt mirror, which is necessary for easy application

Rating: A

Price: Approx Rs. 350 (I bought mine from a Beauty Shop in Mumbai)

Recommendation: Jordana Brow Powder Duo is a saviour for people like me who have troubled eyebrows. Even you don’t have troubled brows, do check it out to fill in those gaps and make your brows look fuller. Its long lasting staying power makes it a winner, you don’t need to touchup or worry about the brows entire day.

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