Super pumped to have Ani write about her experience of laser hair removal with us, I know this is something a lot of us have been really wanting to know more about. So hearing an honest, first person experience about this is super helpful! Over to you A!

Laser Hair Removal in India : Kaya Skin Clinic Review

Guest Post By Ani

I was one of the early ones to jump on the laser hair removal bandwagon, courtesy my mother who signed me up for underarm hair removal without even asking me! Her logic was that getting underarms waxed hurts A LOT, and she didn’t want me to go through that again and again.

The MOST IMPORTANT THING to know about laser hair removal is that it is not permanent. It’s not like you’ll get it done on your arms and you’ll never ever have an arm hair again. That’s false advertising. Don’t believe me? Google it, baby. What laser hair treatment will do is it’ll reduce the growth, color and texture of the hair to the color and texture of your facial hair. You will have some hair growth (albeit very little) that you’ll need to get waxed/shaved. But the good news is that the hair growth after laser is hardly noticeable, and very, very slow. And getting it waxed doesn’t hurt one bit! :D

I was 13 when I got the laser treatment done, so I’d never gotten my underarms waxed before getting it done. I’m 19 now, and I get my underarms waxed once in six months or so. Even then the hair growth is hardly visible. There’ll be like 3-4 strands of hair. That’s it. And it’s completely painless! It feels like waxing an already waxed area. It actually tickles a little! :P

Plus, they’re not discolored, or blackened, so I have no qualms about going sleeveless. (Many of my friends have this problem, so I think this is one of the major advantages of getting laser done early.)

I got it done from Kaya, and I was quite happy with the service. At that time this was the leading place for all things laser. Now of course there are quite a few places that offer laser hair removal.

Here are the basics you need to know if you’re considering laser hair removal:

  • Duration: It’ll take a few months for the entire treatment to be over. There will be sessions (or sittings, whatever you prefer to call them) every few weeks apart for some months, and the number of these sessions depends on the color and thickness of the hair. (Darker and thicker hair requires more sittings.)
  • You can’t wax the area in between sessions. (I think shaving in-between sessions is okay though.)
  • You need to wait about 4-6 weeks since your last wax to start laser treatment.
  • Pain: It does a hurt a little. Just a little though! The machines they use nowadays are much better at making the experience less painful; some of the machines use some sort of a cooling spray that is ejected to minimize the pain. If you still can’t bear the pain, the people at Kaya used a (sort of) anesthetic cream that numbed the area. Ask for that!
  • Get a consultation. Ask them to try the laser machine on a very small portion of your arm so you can get a sense of how much it’ll hurt. Also, during the consultation you’ll find out what kind of hair you have (dark or fair; thick or thin) and how many sittings you’ll require. Fairer hair requires the laser to be of a lesser power, and hence will hurt less, and also requires fewer sittings.
  • DO NOT GIVE UP HALF WAY THROUGH THE TREATMENT. Once you make up your mind to get laser hair removal done, tough it out through all the sittings. Giving up after a few sittings will be wasting your money, as it’ll leave you with erratic hair growth.
  • Beware of those local beauty parlors that offer laser hair removal at heavily discounted rates. The process requires experienced people; the machine that is used can actually burn your skin if it’s not used properly! Don’t take a risk. Go to a renowned place.
  • I never experienced any side effects, but everybody is different and their body may react differently to the treatment. Ask the doctor at the clinic about all the possible side-effects and their treatment before going in for laser.

In short


  • Really is effective at reducing hair.
  • In the case of underarms, it means no discoloration! :D
  • Not all that painful, especially with all the new equipment.
  • No more worrying about waxing/shaving!


  • Not absolutely 100% effective.
  • Can’t think of anything else.

Recommendation: If you’re still in two minds about it, get a consultation. Once you speak to the doctor, and get your hair analyzed, only then will you find out how much hair reduction you can expect, how many sittings you’ll need and the like.

I’ve never regretted getting laser hair removal done for my underarms, and I hope you have a similar experience!

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