You know you are all grown up when from attending friends weddings you move to attending friends baby showers and poojas ! Last weekend was a pooja-lunch for a super cutie bought into this world by one of my best friends !! (Remember my Instagram pic of the pool with the yellow flowers- thats where I was). So many of you asked about my kurta, I thought I shall do an outfit post on it!

This raw silk color blocked  kurta with gold pallazos, I actually first spotted my husbands maasi wearing on my SIL’s mehendi. She has a small unit in Mumbai where they make some outfits and do exhibitions and stuff and I HAD to get it !!! It was so chic, I absolutely loved it ! Plus honestly, anything that is non net these days is such a relief- so this full sleeves raw silk kurta was perfect for the Delhi winter morning !


Accessorize with your Tory Burch (Have i told you what a collosal waste of money original tory burches are. The quality is aweful…the leather looks like its from some random chinese workshop).

You might want to get in touch with Aditi in Mumbai : +919820660578 . She is my  husbands cousin who does exhibitions. Im not sure whether they make these anymore , but you can always ask them when the next exhibition is.!

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