Girls, Welcome to Wed Me Good !!!!

I am hyper excited today, and the rush is equal to consuming 25201 cups of coffee….after living in a bowl of sugar! Ok…”Keep calm…Deep breaths”…Here goes. Over the past few months or so a lot of you have been asking me “Where are the real brides” , “Do more bridal posts” etc etc. One of the reasons why there haven’t been as many bridal posts on the blog is because we have been working on something super special on the side that we are finally now ready to reveal (FYI – It’s just a Beta Soft launch today,  so you might see few issues, so please bear with me ! We ve tried our best that something ugly doesn’t pounce out of the screen and consumes you:) – the site is best viewed in google chrome)!

What is it?
Only the coolest thing ever. The website I wish I had when I was planning my wedding. The basic funda of Wed Me Good is to try and give you wedding inspiration from recently married couples, and from our hand selected list of Wedding Vendors that we personally recommend.

How do I use it?

– If you want to view real brides and their weddings then just log on to our  Real Wedding Gallery (which currently features only 4 weddings, but everyday tune in for new content and their detailed stories!). We give a snapshot of the vendors they hire below the wedding and more about each bride can be seen on our new wedding blog

– If you want to just browse some gorgeous wedding inspiration images you can do so  by category (we have a ton of fun categories on the home page like Bridal Lehengas, Invitations etc), by color (click the color bar on the home page if you want some light pink Wedding inspirations or some navy blue ones !)  or even by function and theme on our Explore page. Each image when clicked mentions the vendor that is featured in the image ! You can pin, love and even stick the images to your own virtual Wed Me Good Board (Sign Up to get started!)


– If you are getting married and want to know who to hire for your wedding you can also browse our Recommended Wedding Vendor Guide to find your wedding dream team. Each of these vendors are people that we  recommend as some of the best in their price ranges (If you notice my bridal makeup artist list for Delhi- these are all people who do really great, subtle non christmas tree makeup and that is what we wanted to give you! Its the same way for all vendors – these are our personal Favourites. We are still adding Vendors everyday so if you are wondering why there are only 6 in Bridal Wear it is because we are still a work in progress).


–  Finally we have our Indian wedding blog– if you loved P&B Bridal posts do not miss this , because this will be P&B Bridal times a 100!!!! I promise! More about what to expect on the wedding blog in the next post including the Bridal files.


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