Iv been thinking about it for ages and I finally got around to doing it ! We finally have our very own Indian Wedding Blog that you can view here- Wed Me Good Wedding Blog !!!  I have actually been writing it sneakily for the last 2 weeks but I didnt tell anyone it was me. It was like blogging from the beginning- leaving comments on others blogs and seeing who responds, who comments etc…so all those of you who did without knowing it was me…..Thank you so much !!!

As a rule for P&B i have been loyal to my very first supporters- the bloggers and the people who linked to P&B and spoke about P&B before anyone knew about it , they are still the ones on my blogroll, they are still the ones i feel the most connected to …and it is the same for Wed Me Good!

What you see on the blog right now is just 1.02% of what you will eventually see. Here is what you can expect

1. Bridal Files : Yup starting this week the Bridal Files for my SIL will start on that blog!!! And Im not promising anything but I do have a sister who is 25 and another sister in law who is also 24 so you know…Bridal Files V3 and v4 are not far away

2. Lots and Lots of Real Brides: Its going to be real bride heaven there! Not just fun Indian brides, but Pakistani brides . Brides wearing lehengas, Brides with beautiful stories, Brides who had a blast, Brides who didnt ! Everything.

3. Shopping stuff: I already did this post about Where to buy bridal lehengas in Chandni Chowk with pics and prices and everything. Similar stuff will follow !

Oh no. Does that mean bridal goes out of P&B ?

Not really, P&B covered bridal in small doses like once a week -ten days, which we will still bring you content . But if Bridal is your drug or you are a bride to be for sure Subscribe to Wed Me Good Blog by Email !! You can also follow via Bloglovin if you are on it

For Readers- hope you will show as much love to Wedmegood as you have for P&B. I promise to make it a space you will want to tune to everyday. Everytime when you put in P&B into the browser, also open a seperate tab for it (Ill put a link on P&B for easier access too) and you shall be there

 For bloggers-If you  are a blogger and you get traffic from P&B through commentluv or otherwise, do show us some love and put the Wed me good blog link on your blogroll. I shall be forever indebted. And a lannister always pays his debts! ;)

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