Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow Quad Review

Good things comes in packs of four I believe ! Like a Suit of cards, the four seasons, The Fantastic 4 and Eyeshadow Quads which you can stash in your bags for makeup emergencies. The latest one to experiment with is the Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow Quad which claims to last upto 16hrs but more importantly comes in a whole host of really pretty colors. Up for discussion today is an Eyeshadow Quad called Luscious – a quadrant of gorgeous greens !

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Let me come right out and say it – I didnt have very high expectations from this little quad of 4 because most eyeshadow quads (even mac ones) end up dissapointing me. However this was actually a pretty good surprise because the colors not only work well together but are also pigmented and smooth to apply.


Starting from top left going clockwise:

1. An icy mint green : This one is a pastel sort of a icey color. It was a little bit too cool for my skintone , but would wear if you are looking at an icy, pastel eye for a specific event !

2.A pale pistachio green: I love this shade, its gorgeous and looks great against brown eyes and shows up well on dark lids too

3. A dark almost greyish green: Extremely deep shade of green mostly used for outer corner  or for a mean smokey eye.

4. Looks beige, but swatches a  khaki green: This is a pretty unique color and looks great against brown eyes as well, except isnt as pigmented as the rest.

In terms of quality all four of these shadows are pretty great. My only pain point being they are really powdery-as you can tell from all the fallout around the box. You need to really make sure that you take any excess off your brush or you will end up with green dark circles !

To summarise then, the pros of 16hr Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow Quad

  • Colors work well together
  • All the eyeshadows are pigmented and do not crease
  • They last on their own without a primer for a good 5 hours
  • They may not be buttery smooth but they are not dry and stiff either

Cons of Revlon 16hr Eyeshadow Quad

  • Eyeshadows are quite powdery so they end up in fallouts if you are not careful


I used bits of this quad for the look below. Specifically the pistachio green  shade is used on the lid.

Verdict: A-

Price: Rs 730/-. Buy from Nykaa

Other Variants: Im really dying to try the bronzey quads. They look so pretty!

Recommendations: There is a dearth of nice eyeshadow quads in India so to have four shadows in under a 1000 bucks all of which perform pretty well is a good deal in my opinion. These may not be mac quality shadows, but they are pigmented, show up well and get the job done !

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