The Story of my life has been..that I always did  the ‘correct’ thing.

When I was in school, I was a straight A student. I never got into trouble, hardly ever bunked classes, studied hard, and never did any kind of wild experiments ooutside of the regular teenage stuff !

When i graduated from school, I wanted to do design. Graphic design to be specific . I cleared my entrances for NIFT, and for Srishti School of Design and was all set to go. But then my board results came and I got a 94.5% average (Im not boasting..i have a point to make). People said “Yr crazy to go to such colleges with these marks . Go to DU”.

So I did the correct thing

I studied Economic Honours in LSR . Frankly, I dont regret those 3 years one bit because LSR was a complete blast. I met some amazing people , and all in all I hold LSR responsible for making a timid , introverted girl into a confident, self assured one (Ex LSR girls- comment below with ‘yay yay lsrrrr’) . Then when i graduated LSR , I was sick of studying and wanted to work. I cleared a job interview for Business Today where I would be required to write articles on Eco.  But people said I was crazy not to do a post grad.

So I did the correct thing

I cleared my entrance for masters of Economics in Delhi School of Economics. Iv never really found studies hard till I entered D-School. If you think getting in to D-School is tough, try surviving there and not failing for 2 years. After 2 additional years of Eco (which by the way it was not- all post grad eco is…is Math!! ), there was no way I was going to do a PHD so i sat for Campus Placements. Unfortunately it was 2009, the year the recession struck and campus jobs were drying up. Even then, I made it to ICICI which was unfortunately in Mumbai where I really did not want to go

But I  did the correct thing

I went to Mumbai. Im glad I did, because even though I hated it at first, I have some of my fondest memories of Mumbai !!!! By the end of my year there i really did NOT want to leave and that is coming from a Delhi girl so you know when they say Mumbai has a magic, it really does. But anyway, living alone is not for me (I honestly cannot take care of me myself), and I knew  Delhi is where my future is so I started looking for other jobs.

Thats when i got a job at American Express. For those of you who were always interested. I did fancy statistical modeling there (yknow regression and stuff) in the Analytics department. Quite frankly, American Express is one of the best companies you can ever work for. The work life balance is great (all you guys who asked me ‘Mehak how do you manage this with a full time job’ – its because my job is awesome), they give a great package and is one of the nicest, cleanest work environments to be a part of. Somewhere around the time i joined amex, i also started P&B. Just a small hobby, as a side when I was bored at home. The kind of experiences this little blog has given me , I honestly never EVER imagined I would have- it has truly been life changing

Infact one of the reasons I havent quit till now is because I truly love working at Amex as much as I love P&B. It challenges me mentally and makes my brain smarter! People always told me how lucky I was to be there and how my career was set and I should just stick to Amex and make it happen. For four years I did do the correct thing.

Until today. Today was my last day at Amex.

A combination of P&B and Brides by P&B was bad enough, but now with Wed Me Good in the mix , it was getting to a point where I was literally a zombie always glued to the internet with no time for anyone. At the dinner table with the boy, I would be answering mails,  in the car i would be talking to PR requests and In office I would be getting press releases out !

Quite frankly bloggin is not a lucrative business. What I earn from P&B is not even 40% of what I earn from my day job. But when it had come to a point where I had to choose, I couldnt let P&B go.

I hate uncertainty. And Right now everything is uncertain- will Wed Me Good Kick ass ? Will I have to go back to work in 3 months time after being a failed entrepreneur??  Which city am i staying in??? Will i figure out a way to earn some money through all these things?

I don’t  know. I don’t even know why I wrote this huge post here. Except that if you are a girl like me, who has always been taught to enter the corporate rat race, get good grades to get a good college to get a good job. Sit back for a minute- life has so much more to offer than just that. Follow your dreams- you never really know if even the wildest ones can come true.

And just to ensure mine do – I know i will have to slog my a$$ off harder than Iv ever done before. But when you have a virtual family who is as amazing as you guys, a husband who is your best friend and super supporter.( By the way WMG was his idea, and it is HIS venture – I am actually just writin the blog ;)  ) ,im hoping everything will be ok

(Btw- you can do your bit you know- tell people about WMG ;) )


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