Who said you need a Valentine to celebrate Valentines day huh? While the sappy couples go beserk with their red roses , and the crazy hindu groups get high on breaking Archies store windows (they really need to get a life dude. Like that is not fun!) , you enjoy your Valentines by giving yourself some much needed discounted makeup & perfumes from Nykaa ! (Or if any of you are guys reading- trust me, these Valentines day gifts will make her happy (and save you some cash to go spend on your next Counter Strike game or something)


DKNY Be Delicious all three of which I adore are at 10% off!!! The pink one is called Fresh Blossom and its a light, happy fragrance with a whiff of floral. The original green bottle, is a fresh, fruity scent with just a slight kick of sweet. The purple be delicious is the more mysterious, dark version of these ! Trust me, you need atleast one of these with you and on Valentines day this would be the perfect date scent !

My personal favourite is the Be  Delicious Fresh Blossom!

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Some Bath & Body Works Goodies??? All those gorgeous shower gels, mists and moisturizers are at 10% off !! I love the Sweet pea range personally, and Pink Chiffon is nice too

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If makeup is your drool factor then  dont miss the Maybelline Valentine Box. I recommend the coral edition! The Loreal Color Infallible Eyeshadow and the Loreal Lipsticks (I would never buy the Loreal Lipsticks full price but at 20% off they are a FAB deal!!!)

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