For the last month or so, Iv been under the weather a lot . (Food Poisoning, viral, and throat infection in that order). But nothing cheers you up like some pretty pastels on your nails does it?? Btw- searching for a nice peachy pastel color- like ermm…not orange but a true peach. Something like NYC Peaches n Cream you can see here. Any suggestions?? If i found one like that, I swear I would live in it ! So purrty ! Till then however these 6 are keeping me company

Starting from top left going clockwise, the names which are colored can be clicked to go to individual reviews

1. OPI Sweetheart: This is to date, my favourite OPI . It is a very very pale, milky pink but it is extremely smooth and one of those rare pastel shades that really flatter darker skintones. I actually bought this after watching some Youtube girls recommend it – best buy ! (Do note: you need ATLEAST 3 coats , sometimes 4 to get that color ..the pigmentation is a bit weak on this one)

2.OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender: Lucky lucky me for discovering lucky lucky lavender ! Pretty, cool toned pastel purple and just the kind of purple I was looking for at the time!

3. Maybelline Color Show Blackcurrant Pop: If you want pastel on a budget then some of the Maybelline Colorshow ones are pretty fun! This one called Blackcurrant Pop  is a more bluish purple or lavender as compared to the OPI one but pretty nonetheless.

4.OPI Chapel of love Nail Polish: One of my first OPI’s and a pretty pink coral with gold reflects. While you cant really classify this as pastel, this is definitely one of my fav Spring time Nail Polishes

5.Illamasqua  Nomad Nail Polish: A Jade green, not only is this color so unique, it wears for ages and ages !! Ofcourse its a major dent on the pocket and Illamasqua is not available in India, but the color is a definite keeper

6. Maybelline Colorshow Nail Polish in Blueberry Ice : An icy, pastel blue that is easy on the pocket and on the eyes!

What are you fav spring polishes? And recommend me a peach someone?


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