Attending a Manish Show equals to bumping into a dime a dozen celebrities !!! Remember last year when I was so damn star struck that i looked like a lunatic next to Kajol ! Haha. Well this year at fashion week while I could not make it to Mumbai I do have the low down on who wore what?

manish-malhotra-;akme-fashion-week-2014 (40)

The ever lovely Urmila Matondkar was in Manish Malhotra. A gorgeous, yellow and beige floor length gown with beige pumps.Her makeup artist totally washed her out though- her face looks like an extension of that beige dress ! Plus the accessories are just not talking to each other

manish-malhotra-;akme-fashion-week-2014 (36)

I dont know who this person is honestly (Is it raima sen?) , but I love what she wore! Love the hair and makeup too, so cute!

manish-malhotra-;akme-fashion-week-2014 (35)

Sophie Chaudhary wore wide legged pallazos with an interesting, printed top. If a sharara went to Africa, this is what it would look like dont you think?

manish-malhotra-;akme-fashion-week-2014 (37)

Tanisha was also in Manish Malhotra. Dark blue with peeks of red. Once again- her mouth needed a pop of color me thinks. Plus those are granny chappals,

manish-malhotra-;akme-fashion-week-2014 (11)


Like WHAT is going on here? Ameesha looked like she has jumped out of a spaceship belonging to Planet Tackyness. I dont want to be mean but so much going on- the pink, the glitter, the sheerness, the criss cross.

manish-malhotra-;akme-fashion-week-2014 (13)

Kajol wore a khaki (Manish Malhotra?). I cant say anything because I am blinded by the size of those heels. I swear if I took even one step in them I would fall flat on my face.

manish-malhotra-;akme-fashion-week-2014 (34)


I have had a girl crush on this woman since the time she came to Bollywood. No matter what she wears, I think she is awesome.

manish-malhotra-;akme-fashion-week-2014 (15)

After watching queen, i think its official that Lisa Haydon is the hottest woman in India currently.  I dont love the tailoring on that skirt of hers though!

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