Estee Lauder Pleasures Bloom Review

There are certain perfumes in India which are such ‘hot gifting options’ , that atleast once in your life you will recieve them as your birthday gift. Davidoff Cool Waters is one of them (like I think half my school wore cool waters in Class 12), Elizabeth Arden Red Door is another (favourite for your Canada vaale maasis to get you!) and Estee Lauder Pleasures (the original variant) is the third. While all three of these are nice scents, I always found Pleasures to be for a much more older woman. The scent was pretty, but just somehow reminded me of a woman in her mid thirties !

But now, not only has Estee Lauder youthified its fragrance with an adorable hot pink ring around its neck, its also youthified the fragrance with a subtle hint of fruitynss amidst the flowers. At the heart of it Pleasures Bloom smells of delicate peonies to me, and while I cannot fathom any sense of fruityness in it, it definitely smells just a tad bit tarter than the original pleasures.  I can smell lychee  amidst a bouqet of peonies when It first hits the skin When the scent settles down on your skin you get a more talcum powdery flavour  to it.

Overall this is a perfume you will like if you are into florals, and if you love that ‘fresh out of the shower’ smell- because honestly thats what it smells like eventually to me. It does last long on me around 6 hours that I shall give it. It may not replace Prada Candy and Elie Saab as my new favourite perfumes (I prefer scents that are a bit more fun) , but its a bottle that looks uber cute on my dresser and makes a lovely gift for someone

FYI- I got this as a gift too!! A goodbye present from my office colleagues ! Aww !





Verdict: B+

Price: One of the cheaper ones . I think this is for 4500 for 100 ml

Recommendation: The Estee Lauder Pleasures Bloom perfume has notes of peony, lychee and has a fresh out of the shower powdery after effect ! May not replace Candy or Elie Saab as my favourite but that bottle is so damn cute that I cannot get enough of it.

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