I have been feelin a bit blue lately and I mean in it every way possible ! Feeling blue as in the color (gorgeous-ink blue to be exact) and feeling blue (ate out at this recently opened Johnny Rockets and fell sick the next day. According to my bro its because I chose to eat healthy and ordered a salad while everyone else gorged on burgers and were absolutely fine). So yeah… feeling blue !

1. Blue floor length gown by Ridhi Mehra : I adore Ridhi Mehra, not only is she such a nice person but her clothes are like totally me ! Thats why she is on our Bridal Gallery !!! This is probably my favourite piece from her gallery . Its uber cute and I like how the tummy shows a bit just in between ! Infact one of my clients ordered this for her mehendi its for about 30k i think.

2. Blue Lehenga with Gold Jacket by Shruti Sheth: I discovered SHruti when scouting for lesser known, affordable but totally cute designers in mumbai and I am so ecstatic that she is on our Bridal Gallery at Wed Me Good. Im in LOVE with not only this lehenga but also the pink one she has !! Click on her name above to go see her profile.

3. Mint Green Bangle. Ok not blue, but pretty nonetheless eh? This is by Artiara who I discovered today but already loving. Trying to get them on the bridal gallery

4. Flat Perforated Blue Ballet Flats : Ballet Flats + Cutouts + Blueness= Mehak Happiness. I could literally live in these. Available at Nordstrom, which means I have to pay like 60k just to go see these in the US and thats a TAD bit too much, but anyone seen anything similar here?

5. That is Essie Aruba Nail Polish: Come to mama !!! Yum yummy yum yum ! I actually want a matte finish in these, Im over metallic finishes but what a gorgeous, gorgeous blue ! Colorbar dupe anyone?

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