There are very few things in life on which I have absolutely no opinion (The boy will agree with this), but one of them is flowers.  . I know I love my Lily’s  and I hate red roses but everything else is a pretty blur of color and petals which I like to recieve from time to time. So i just googled dahlia and saw this.

dahlia dahlia2

Its so funny and poky looking. Like I wanted to poke my finger into that- its almost creepy ick ! *shudder* While I try and figure out what my opinion is on this particular flower, there is another type of dahlia where there is really no such confusion. I friggin love it. Truly, Madly, Deeply from the bottom of my heart- the Mac Dreaming Dahlia’s Lipstick. This is my  go to spring lipstick of 2014  . Its going to go with me everywhere in  my little bag. (By the way- help me choose a bag. Options coming in the next post)


mac-dreaming-dahlias-lipstick2 mac-dreaming-dahlias-lipstick6 mac-dreaming-dahlias-lipstick5





Dreaming Dahlia :  Mac describes this as a sheer coral -red lip color. Its just a pretty, peachy coral according to me. Fresh and juicy (Mangoo Frooti?), this one adds a burst of  gorgeous ness to your lips. It isnt a bright coral, so dont worry those of you who steer clear from those kind of colors. This one will add brightness to your face but not be in your face. Sigh . I love it.

Mac Lustre Finish Lipsticks: Iv said it before- while Lustre’s may not be as pigmented as cremesheens, what they lack in the pigment department they make up for it in the finish and lightness department. They feel super comfortable on your lips, are very lightweight and for spring/summer the fresh glossy finish they have is absolutely perfect ! They dont last beyond say 3 hours which is ofcourse a bummer but for a color like this I really couldn’t care less. Those with very pigmented lips may want to avoid as these as semi sheer in one swipe- but can be built up!

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Verdict: B+

Price: Rs 1150/-

Dupes: Bourjois 1,2,3 Soleil is very similar

Recommendation: Mac Dreaming Dahlia is part of the  ” A Fantasy of Flowers ” Collection that will be out soon! This is the ONE color I really wanted from that collection so Im so happy I got this one ! Yayie. Pretty, juicy peach- coral that is absolutely fabulous for medium and lighter skintones and would make a great peach nude on deeper tones.

PS: Sent by PR

That flower is still giving me icky feelings.

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