Rose Gold Makes me happpyyy, Rose Gold makes me sing…Rose Gold makes me doooo all sorts of funny thinnggsss !! There I made a whole song for this Mac Super Slick Eyeliner in Cockiness, whose rose gold packaging may just be the coolest Rose Gold item of lust I have come across since Micheal Kors Rose Gold Watches (still havent bought them- I lose watches faster than i lose pens and I lose pens everyday !). ┬áPart of the Riri Hearts Mac Holiday Collection , ┬ápast the gorgeous exterior, this Super Slick Eyeliner in Cockiness houses a shimmery, sort of warm golden-copper eyeliner with tons of shimmer.

Now this is not an eyeliner you would line your eyes with (how many people wear gold eyeliner anyway). This is aneyeliner to accessorize your eyeliner with. A bit of it in the inner corner, a thin line over your black liner and you have eyes that POP. Poppa-doodle-doo !

mac-superslick-loquid-eyeliner mac- superslick-liquid-eyeliners2-002

How to use Mac Super SLick Eyeliner in Cockiness (Tutorials coming soon)

1. Layer it over your existing black liner to create a gorgeous blackended copper shimmery liner

2. Wear it in inner corners to highlight and awaken your eye

3. Wear it in specific areas along with your black liner to create a beautiful black and gold glitter eye

The liner itself is quite watery, which made me think its going to come off aweful on the eye but actually come out nice and super bright on the eyes with a truckload of shimmer !

photo (6)

Left: layered over a black liner, right: WOrn alone


The other gorgeous product from the Riri Hearts Mac Holiday Collection is the Presh Out Eyeshadow Quad

Verdict: B+

Recommendation: Not a must have, but a definite ‘wonderful to have’ if you love a bit of glitter. This looks super gorgeous when layered over eyeliners and this super slick eyeliner in cockiness is definitely one of those cool makeup items you would want to spring out of your bag!

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