You guys may not know this, but I have been wearing glasses since the first grade. I think that is when I was 6 or something. So yup, Iv had the pleasure of having glass infront of my eyes since about 20 years now. Thankfully, my power is relatively low still (touch wood!) , so most times I can go without glasses wherever I need to (though I know I’m not supposed to). However, if you do wear glasses and find that eye makeup is a waste of time this quick guide may help you.

Eye Makeup Rules

1. Try colors on your lower rim not upper rim: When you wear glasses your eyelid pretty much gets covered by the top frame. However your lower rim is in direct vision. Putting a nice turquoise can be a fun look. Check out this tutorial on a similar bronze and turquoise look I did.


2.  A cat eyeliner is a great way to make your eyes pop: If your frames are wide, then having a cute little kitten flick is a great way to make your eyes pop and really do the talking. It instantly draws attention and makes for a cute, chic look!


3. Your eyeliner thickness should be in proportion to the thickness of your frame: Like subtle, thin lines of liner? Well if you have a chunky frame for your glasses this aint going to work. Thicker frames= thicker eyeliner.

4. Eyebrows are extremely important: Your eyebrows, if arched and shaped well can immediately bring attention to your otherwise hidden eyes. Check out Keiko Lynn’s photograph above- her eyeliner is highly arched and brings attention to her face. Personally I love a pointy arch with glasses, I just feels the more arched and shapely you can make it, the better it looks above your frame.

Face Makeup Tricks


1. Make bright lipsticks your best friend: Big , bold frames with a hot neon pink lip is the ultimate in geek -chic. Lipstick that really talk like Impassioned, Ruby Woo or a bright coral are perfect to draw attention away from your face

2. Hoard on blushes: Nothing like soft pop of peach and pink to bring attention to your cheekbones and face

3. Limit the number of colors on the face: What might look like a very put together set of colors on a regular face, can look crowded or ‘too much’ the minute you put your glasses on. Your glasses add color too- whether they are black rims or silver frames take into account all of that when choosing a color and limit it to shades of one color all across your face or at the maximum two!

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Do you wear glasses? What are your favourite rules?

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