NYC MATTE ME CRAZY MATTIFYING TOP COAT (1) NYC Matte Me Crazy Mattifying Top Coat Review

All those who love matte nail paints raise your hands. See, almost everybody loves them but unfortunately in India they are really rare and I certainly wont pay 500 bucks for a single nailpaint. So when one of my friends was in US I asked him to get a mattifying top coat for me. Even though I am terrible at painting my nails I absolutely love nailpaints.

NYC Matte me crazy is an awesome top coat, you just need to paint your nails with any normal nailpaint then apply the top coat after the nail paint gets dried up and Taddaa you are done! It looks just like other nail paint bottles and has an average nail paint brush but I love the way it just glides smoothly on the nails. The texture is also thick and not very runny so even a fussy person like me also doesn’t have any problem in applying it evenly. The best part which I like about it is that it dries up in seconds and nailpaint turns totally matte so it live up to its claims. But one drawback which I noticed was that nailpaint stays matte for almost 4 days and then it starts getting glossy.



  • The texture is thick and not very runny.
  • Brush spreads the product evenly.
  • Dries up after application instantly.
  • Turns the nailpaint totally matte.
  • Doesn’t chip.


  • The matte effect stays for just 4 days.
  • Availability might be an issue.

Rating: A-

Price: $1.99

FINAL RECOMMENDATION: If you can lay your hands on this awesome product then definitely get it. It’s a must have for all the girls.

Guest Review By Aanchal

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