For the last few weeks, Iv been at my mums house and quite honestly I think she is a bit fed up of me . (Remember my mom- woman with one lipstick and one eyeliner? She keeps finding my stuff strewn about here and there and that does not sit well with her OCD about cleanliness) . The one person who is happy to see me around is my maid, she very cutely tells me how the house is so empty without me , she comments on all my tutorials (kal vaala achha tha!…or “yeh vala color acha lag raha hai”) and today as she was cleaning up the dresser- she found my turquoise eyeliner which I thought I shall put to good use. (PS: My maid is super cute- she actually gave me a laughing buddha as a gift when I got married, and she has a crush on the boy. She thinks he is ‘sundar’.)

Anyhooo, here is what you need to go poppity pop with turquoise

– Turquoise eyeliner (Im using one I cannot talk about for now . If i tell you, id have to kill you. Its a top secret launch shh)

– Bronze eyeshadow (Im using my eternal favourite mac bronze) , Gold eyeshadow is optionl (Mac woodwinked)

– Black kajal (maybelline collosal)



Step 1:  Apply black kohl on your upper lid.

Step 2: Smudge. If yours is a non smudgy kohl you can use a cotton bud in vaseline to smudge

Step 3: Apply bronze eyeshadow over the black. You cant tell in the photos but this gives it depth.

Step 4: Extend bronze eyeshadow till across your lid

Step 5: Blend

Step 6: Apply turquoise eyeliner

Step 7: If you have turquoise eyeshadow use that to go over your eyeliner.

Step 8: Add a bright gold eyeshadow in your inner corner

Step 9: Mascara

Its easy, breezy and perfect for spring ! You know what else its perfect for? If you wear glasses, this is a great look for you. Actually makeup with glasses post is coming up soon!

Lipstick: Mac Mocha

Blush : Illamasqua Sleek (Cannot be seen)

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