So my mom, is a person who basically owns a grand total of 2 makeup products in life. A lipstick (Mac twig) and a black liner. She scoffs at pretty much anything else and even in terms of creams, skincare and anti ageing, she couldn’t care less. She also couldn’t care less that her daughter is a beauty blogger, who some people actually trust to make purchase decisions ! “Rehne de” is her standard response to anything I recommend! But when an aunt from Canada gifted her this cream, she decided to give it a whirl (I promise you had I recommended this she would have never used it!)

Her skin problems:

She calls it genetic, I call it a severe lack of sunscreen when she was young but my mom has freckles on her cheeks. They are cute little sun spots actually, nothing more but she gets quite annoyed with them and over time with age the spots have gotten darker.  in the last two years, there was this dark patch which had appeared started from my mums forehead (near the temples) extending downwards to her cheek area. Like a little ‘C’ shaped spot on each side.

What the cream is:

Unlike the name suggests, this isn’t a fairness cream. It is a cream that you are supposed to apply on areas where you have age spots, or sun spots almost like a medicine. For my mom this was her freckles, for my aunt it was dark patches which had appeared on her cheeks and for my moms colleague (whome she recommended the cream too), it was little patches of darkness on her face . (I dont know what you call it in English but in Punjabi they say “Chaiiyaan” .

What the cream did

Well first of all, the age spotswhich were those “C’ shaped thingies, reduced so much that I have to now squint to see if its still there. Her freckles have also lightened but not gone, but overall her face looks much more even and age patches have considerably lightened. People who see her can see a visible difference and always comment on how her skin looks more clear and more even. The colleague with the dark patches- her patches have dissapeared literally and her skin glows and yes the aunt is the one who set the ball rolling so ofcourse her patches are much lighter too, so her face is now the same color all over.

Here is how she used it:

  • She used this twice a day (morning and evening)  just on her age spots and freckles for the first two weeks
  • After the first 2 weeks she used it once a day in the morning !
  • By the end of the first month she could start seeing a difference in terms of the age spots
  • By the end of month 2 she could even see some marginal differences on the freckles
  • She doesnt use it anymore- maybe once a week.


This is a medicinal cream guys, don’t just go over the counter and purchase it because you read it on P&B. It has some heavy duty stuff which you should  cross check with your derm.  Plus this does have steroids you guys, so this is not a cosmetic cream to go just apply on your face. This DOES and CAN have side effects!




I would put before and after photos but my mom would make my life hell for putting pics online. She doesnt even let me put it on my personal FB account. Sigh,

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