Soulflower Bite Me Chocolate Soap Review (5) Soulflower Bite Me Chocolate Soap Review

Raise your hands if you love all things chocolate like me! From cakes, ice cream and chocolate drinks to skincare (cocoa flavoured lip balms and body lotions), I finally zeroed in on this chocolate soap.

The Soulflower Bite Me Chocolate soap comes in a simple plastic wrapper with a paper that has the ingredients and other information about the soap. Not a very fancy packaging, but for me it goes with the organic, rustic appeal of this soap. It claims to be 100% organic, with a host of good-for-the-skin ingredients.

About the ingredients (from the Soulflower website):

1. Real dark chocolate: It is made from raw cocoa, which has the maximum amount of antioxidants & flavanols making it an excellent moisturizer that leaves your skin soft & glowing.

2. Cocoa powder: It imparts a wonderful aroma & is a powerful antioxidant which protects & frees the skin from free radicals, which cause significant damage to skin layers.

3. Cocoa butter: It is obtained from the same bean as chocolate & is made up of small particles that penetrate even the smallest of pores, giving it high moisturizing qualities that help protects & softens skin. Cocoa butter imparts a rich & creamy lather to the soap.

4. Vitamin E oil: Vitamin E oil works to block free radicals from the body, which play a large part in the aging process and can reduce wrinkles and keep skin youthful-looking.

They also recommend cutting the soap into pieces and using them one by one to make it last longer, but I cut mine into just two pieces because I didn’t really want to struggle with too small a piece and ruin the experience. However, I found that it does last reasonably long.

The texture of the soap feels a little bit softer than normal soaps and it feels slightly oily to touch, which I guess is because of all the oils used in its fabrication. But it does not melt like crazy, nor does it give any oily or slippery feeling when used. It lathers well and rinses off without leaving any film or residue on the skin. I live in a hot and humid place and I don’t need to use a body lotion but I’m sure those who live in colder places cannot afford to skip it – the soap is not drying but definitely not that moisturising!

The best part about the soap – its fragrance! It smells just like chocolate! I loved it from the very first whiff. In fact I keep picking the soap dish up every time I pass that side, just to smell that fragrance! A warning, though – you may feel tempted to give it a lick while sniffing! The disappointing part is that the scent doesn’t linger on the skin after the bath, not even for a little while. Had it stayed on for some time, it would have been perfect!

Soulflower Bite Me Chocolate Soap Review (2)Soulflower Bite Me Chocolate Soap Review (1)Soulflower Bite Me Chocolate Soap Review (3)Soulflower Bite Me Chocolate Soap Review (4)


  • Completely organic; made of 100% vegetable substances
  • Yummy fragrance
  • Does not dry out skin
  • Lathers well


  • The fragrance does not linger on the skin

Rating: A

Price: INR 200 for 150 gm, which may seem a little bit expensive for a soap, but you can grab it during sales when it is available for a little less. I feel it is worth the money spent though!

Recommendation: With its yummy tempting chocolate-y scent, the Soulflower Bite Me Chocolate soap is a must-try if you are a fan of cocoa scents in your skincare. There is also the added appeal of organic, all-natural ingredients. Now, if only the chocolate fragrance had lingered on the skin, this would have been a 5 on 5 product!

Guest Review by Marianne

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