As cute as panda’s are (you just want to hug them and sit in their furry lap and tickle them), inheriting their eyes are a major pain in the a$$. I am one of those inflicted with Panda like dark circles, which over the course of Beauty Blogging, Wedding Blogging and being in a job that involves intensive staring at the screen has only worsened (My eyes look ‘dhassa hua’ if you know what I mean).

My problem is also unique  because my under eye area is very very delicate. Any heavy coverage concealer settles into fine lines for me, so I need:

– Light weight concealer that

– Provides coverage and

– Also moisturizes

Its like finding a unicorn. No concealer exists that satisfies all three qualities. Thats it. Post ends. There are no concealers for dark circles :p . Okay well some come close:


1. Mac Select Moisture Cover Concealer : I used this for the longest time ever, and it conceals really well actually. It also doesnt settle too much into fine lines either. I just found that I couldn’t find any color that was yellow enough to really match my panda -esque circles. The color was too orange for me ! If you do however find a great match this is a nice option, but this doesnt moisturize as much. Read more about this concealer here

2. Inglot Under Eye Concealer: This was my HG concealer, first because the color is yellow and it was a PERFECT match for my under eye circles. Secondly it moisturizes and conceals as well too ! Sounds amazing. Well it was…except applying this is really difficult. The consistency is watery so you have to apply with a brush (actually a damp brush is best)  otherwise it can end up looking totally patchy. So its a bit high maintainence in the sense that if you dont get it right you will have to go an remove it and redo it etc etc. Read more about this concealer here


3. Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener: Current favourite concealer. Now honestly this doesnt have high coverage, it has low to medium coverage but I have found i can build this up to a level where I look pretty bright and awake.  It may not be a concealer which will cover 100% of your circles, but as long as it makes you look awake and fresh who cares. It just brightens the under eye area, it moisturizes as well and super easy to use. On an everyday basis, i really like using this ! Very lightweight so no settling into lines. Read more about this here


4. Bobbi Brown Concealer and Corrector: See now this one DOES actually cover up almost 100% of dark circles. You use the Bobbi Brown Correcter and then layer the Concealer over it. The coverage is super good , but the problem is if you have very thin skin under your eyes (Mine is literally like eggshell thin) , then this is too heavy for you because it can crease and make it go into folds and stuff.

5. Becca Creamy Concealer: For a while I absolutely LOVED this. Because it was a concealer that truly made me look like I have zero dark circles. After a 11 hour long flight to New York where i was severely jet lagged- this made me look like I had just had the best sleep ever !!! But ultimately the consistency is so thick an its sticky that by the end of the day it starts lookin patchy and unnatural. Also the pen mechanism just freezes up the concealer inside and its really hard to get out . So if they made the consistency thicker it may work.  Read more about this here


6. YSL Touche Eclat: This is actually a nice to have option, not a must have. Its not really even a concealer either. Its just an eye brightener. It provides relatively low coverage, lowest out of all mentioned but it definitely adds a healthy dose of brightness and radiance to your under eye area. Read more about this here


7.Mac Studio Sculpt: Heavy coverage, but heavy consistency and settles into lines


8. Mac Studio Finish: Good coverage, but high maintainence in application or can be cakey. Read more about this here

9. Clinique Even Better Concealer: This actually won the Best Concealer in our Readers choice awards so I am very intrigued to try this out !!! Considering over 100 of you guys voted for it..For sure!

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