If there is one thing that I have been obsessed with from My Envy Box it is the Elie Saab perfume sample I got. I ABSOLUTELY love it you guys, so much so that I am purchasing a full sized sample of this like tommorow ! I am not joking, I don’t like too many fragrances and even fewer break into my holy trio of Prada Candy ,Vera Wang Princess & Guerlain My Insolence but this Elie Saab perfume is so gorgeous it is right up there in my top most frgarance !

The scent is described as a floral solar woody frgarance and while I don’t understand how a perfume can smell ‘ solar’ -what I will tell you is that this smells of elegance. If elegance was put in a bottle- Elie Saab Le Parfum would be its second name. There is a delicate  hint of flowers and a rough sort of edge of woody, muskiness. Its sexy, soft, mysterious and elegant and makes for a GREAT date night scent.

So I collaborated with Elie Saab to give 10 of you girls 15 Samples each.

Each girl will recieve samples that will last approximately half a month or 15 uses . (Im jealous now, because I only got 4 samples myself !). So 10 girls, 15 samples each !

Since Elie Saab is a bridal wear designer, we thought it was only appropriate we make this giveaway weddingy! So here is what you need to do.

How to Enter (Compulsary)

Comment below and tell me why you love Elie Saab. Thats it !!! Thats ALL you need to do !
For extra entries (Optional)

– If you log on to Wed Me Good Real Wedding  Section (Each wedding when clicked opens up a detailed page which has a facebook like button in the Centre. Press like on your favourite real wedding ! ) you get 10 extra entries.

– Tweet about Wed Me Good – anything about it, why you love it, if you follow it, if its useful (use hashtag #wedmegood.com  in your tweet ) you get 5 extra entries





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