There are a few things Iv learnt about Fashion weeks in the last few years:

1. Wear your most comfortable clothes (the closest comfort can come to looking nice that is)

2. Covering fashion week is much more annoying than it looks (You have to be on your feet 24/7 , jostle to get a seat and sometimes  even just stand on your feet during all the shows). Plus there are 8 shows in  a day, so multiply that with 8.



Okay, so get ready. Wear your favourite pants (read about my Koovs haul here)  and your flower print dress yv worn a million times (Its a dress, I just tucked it in to look like a top). Mom hates that dress- she says its ‘fitta hua’ ..or super faded and totally not fashionable. Ignore moms plea of adding a scarf because you dont look fashionable enough. Sorry, this is the max I can do and no I cannot add heels either.


Once you are at the show, you are bound to bump into fellow bloggers. That is Shreya from ‘FOr the Love of Fashion‘. I can never forget her blog because I actually won a giveaway on it , in which I won a phone ! A PHONE ! Sony Xperia- cute pink shaded phone which I eventually misplaced.




At Fashion week,  there is always a big rush outside the show areas. You encounter tons of types of people . 5  types stand out

1. The serious fashion buyers – they come from buying houses of big stores and are all business like

2. The PR and event management people – they are usually hassled, annoyed and runing around everywhere

3. The women who know someone, who know someone who knows Tarun Tahilianis sister and thats why they are there. They cutely look awestruck and amazed everywhere and whisper “Oh look that is bandana tiwari !”.

4. The bloggers- who quite frankly are the some of the more stylish people around (Not me, my sense of style is very sort of commercial ..but some of these girls look like they stepped out of Vogue or something)

5. The models- they prance about in their gunjees (official model clothing) and tiny shorts sipping some coffee or iced tea or something and totally do not care about anything else)



If you do manage to make it inside the show area, prepare to be awestruck at the gorgeous stage backdrop. LOVED this at Tarun Tahiliani!


The camera people are loud, and rowdy and oh so fun ! They get the best seats in the house, though a tad unomfortable , but Im convinced they are the only ones who can view the garments properly!


The show starts. Gorgeous gorgeous lighting which look like chakras/flowers that I cannot fathom.


The show continues , and Im bedazzled with those fairy lights..Full post about the tahiliani show coming soon!

wills-lifestyle-india0fashionweek7-001Oh my god. Its Shilpa Shetty! A million people take out their cell phones and girls…yes girls me all are like going crazy saying ” How hot is she” . No seriously. Im letching dude, its not even funny- that girl can ooze sex appeal in a sack. By the way I loved what she wore !! Like an offshoulder top with a lehenga in a myriad of silks. So fun!



Once the show ends, you can also go roam around the stalls at the back. Some of the designers are super nice and super welcoming (Dolly J ) , some of them politely refuse to even let you come near their stall with a camera. (By the way we have a fab new post on Wed Me Good about bridal buys we spotted at WLIFW !)

Thats a wrap !!! That was for 1 show, im not sure I can make it to fashion week tommorow but more about the Tarun show will be coming soonnn!

PS: Wearing Bobbi Brown Pink Lily

Read about the Tarun Tahiliani Show on  Day 1

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