Some Facts About Mascara You Should Know! (2) Some Facts About Mascara You Should Know! MASCARA is one last finishing touch for the perfectly done  eye and without it, we feel practically naked. Surely we all do not know everything about make-up , and maximum times we end up ignoring MASCARA FACTS!

Mascara expires in 3-5 months:  Yes , mascara does expire. The average life span is about 3-5 month , Otherwise, you’re risking bacterial infections, if you don’t get rid of your old mascara .

Don’t throw the wand: None of us likes to throw away the cosmetic stuff due to its expiry date, but saving the wand is actually something you should do. Wash the wand and use it as a “spoolie” brush to help groom your brows.

Using Baby Powder along with your mascara can create magic:  To get the best out of your mascara, powder your lashes — using baby powder and a cotton swab — before application to for an extra lush look. Some Facts About Mascara You Should Know! (3) Avoid waterproof mascara for daily usuage: Waterproof mascara is ideal for those teary moments, but using it every day isn’t advisable. Since it can’t easily be removed, the continuos tugging at the lashes can cause them to become weaker and eventually make them fall out.

Never sleep with mascara on: Sometimes we get too tired to wipe our makeup off before we go to bed, but leaving mascara on your lashes overnight does more harm than you know. When the mascara dries overnight, it can cause your lashes to fall off, and a stiff lash can actually scratch your cornea while you’re sleeping.

Pamper your lashes: We usually forget that our eyelashes are tiny hair, and theyrequire tender care. Before bed, moisturize your lashes with olive oil or any moisturizer to keep them hydrated. Just be careful to keep anything out of your eye.

Open eyes: The key to not blinking (and ruining your mascara) during application? Opening your mouth. When your mouth is open wide, it’s a bit harder to blink.

Never smudge again: Hate getting mascara stains on your eyelid? Avoid them by placing an old business card or plastic spoon on your eyelid, right above your lashes. Apply your mascara in this position, and any excess product will go onto the business card or spoon, not your eyelid.

The perfect mascara: There are so many types of mascaras out there, you have to figure out what works for you and your lashes. Do you need to lengthen? curl? give volume? Whatever it is you need, there’s a mascara out there waiting for you. If you can’t find it, find a few and make a mascara cocktail! Some Facts About Mascara You Should Know! (1)


Guest Post By Richa

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