Even though Im a beauty blogger, I probably own a grand total of 8 eyeshadows in my stash. I am really not an eye makeup person (I have hooded lids so nothing except smokey eyes or like a nice wash of monotone color shows up anyway) , and to me I much rather focus on products that make my skin look good . It used to happen on its own a few years back- my skin looking fab, but of late there is definitely more effort I need to put into it.

This is a quick , rough and ready dummies guide to highlight and contour. I know this is not comprehensive, but well this is how I do it and frankly I don’t have the time to go out and buy a gazillion products nor sit and apply them for an hour infront of the mirror.

Things you need:

  • Foundation: Mac face and body foundation
  • Highlighter : using Light and Skin Sheer highlighter
  • Big fluffy brush : Im using my blush brush from Vega professional
  • Bronzer/ Matte brown shadow : Im using Mac Folie eyeshadow as a bronzer


So this is me with foundation. Im wearing Mac Face and Body – one sheer layer, and the Bobbi Brown tinted eye brightener. The eye brightener as you can see doesn’t do heavy duty concealing, but does a very natural sort of job of masking your dark circles (I was looking like a panda trust me!)


Im using the Chambor light and sheer skin highlighter. Some people mix it with foundation, I prefer to not to do that- I shall do an indepth review of this in a little bit.

Types of Highlighters available:

  • Liquid highlighters can be spread across your face or mixed in with your foundation
  • Powder highlighter are used basically on top of blushes to give a sheen
  • I dont personally prefer one over the other, but I find liquid ones easier to use.

Peaches & Blush107

Ta-da and Im a clown!. So basically, this is a rough guide as to where i put highlighter.  Ideally, your cheek highlight should be higher than where I put it, however I have eyes that are a bit sunken in , and I dont like touching that area too much.

Easiest way to know where to put highlighter:

  • Stand infront of a mirror with some sort of tube light or light source around.
  • Move your face around to understand where the light hits your face naturally (This will usually be the highest points of your face) ..so for me, my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose and my chin is where the light hits it
  • I just did a dot-dot thing tracing that



Now i start to spread the liquid in that same angle on my cheekbones. Its really easy- just think yr using cream blush but applying it to the highest point of your cheeks



See the difference- left is just with foundation, right is highlighted.

Okay, lets do a quick contour now. So the deal is, I dont own a bronzer because I barely use them, what I do use is matte brown eyeshadow (Mac sable) and use that as a bronzer.

DSC06227-001That is approximately wear you put your bronzer. Basically smile, and just below the pop of your cheek. I just put an imaginary line from the edge of my lips to the middle of my ear. Blend this line downwards.


Notice the difference? Immediately my cheek looks more sculpted. Or atleast I think they do.

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