When it comes to men, I hate the clingy kind. Those who hang on to every word you say, have no opinion of their own and call you 6 times a day – those kind are just really annoying and I lose respect for them in an instant. When it comes to lipsticks though, the clingier the better- and this Bourjois ROuge Edition Velvet Lipstick is so damn clingy that even if I rub it off after 24 hours it refuses to budge!!! (It does get annoying at that point but hey…its the longest wearing lipstick I have worn till date)

bourjois-rouge-edition-velvet-lipstick Basically, these are like the Nyx Soft Matte Lip creams only better. The color is saturated and even and when dry it dries to a nice soft matte. While these are not uncomfortable to wear, they aren’t particularly moisturizing either but provide solid coverage, saturated color and glide like an absolute dream. I just love the finish they give- its sheeny at first but settles into a matte. They also refuse to leave your lips like I mentioned above and even if you scrub them off they leave a soft, even toned stain on your lips.

Framboise is a raspberry red which immediately brightens my face up. Even though Im not a ‘bright lipstick everyday’ kind of girl, this one is so pretty I really could wear it everyday. Infact, i wore this as a soft stain in my Highlighter article where all of you asked me what I was wearing (That was after majorly scrubbing it off though). Its a color that will look fab on light and medium skintones like mine so go ahead and grab it with both hands lips.

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bourjois-rouge-edition-velvet-lipstick1 bourjois-rouge-edition-velvet-lipstick2



bourjois-rouge-edition-velvet-lipstick4I know Im looking unwell in this photo. Iv had this wierd sort of weight loss happening- Iv gone from being 56 kgs to being a smidgen under 5o !(Haha, I cant believe im divulging weight details). I dont know why though and its kind of worrying- mom thinks its because of the *stress* of starting something new. I think its because I was kind of unwell the whole of last month. The boy just thinks I still eat like a hog and doesnt understand why its happening

Verdict: A

Price: not sure yet

Recommendation: These get a super thumbs up from me. Love the feel, the saturaated color, the matte finish and the fact that they dont require a touch up the entire day. If you liked the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams you will absolutely LOVE this! While i cant classify these as drying, they are not particularly moisturizing either


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