CK One Mascara Review  (3) CK One Mascara Review 

There are some things that absolutely drive me crazy. I believe these are called as pet peeves ?  My problem in life is incorrect grammar and more than that, weird funky spellings. Also people using a space character between a word and a punctuation mark. I mean, this is awkward ! You see what I did there? Plus dnt tok 2 me lyk dis cuz it hrts mah eyes nd mah brainz. I have to read out texts from my 16 year old cousin aloud, because honest to god, I don’t process it. What are your pet peeves ladies? I know clumpy mascara is another common pet peeve!

Do you ladies know the first mascara was a powder that the ladies swept on their eyelashes with a tool that looked much like our toothbrush? You should Google it. Fun history lessons.

For today, I have the CK One mascara that I’ll be talking about. I didn’t know CK was doing cosmetics too!  I got this mascara because I was getting it for free.  The packaging is so classy with a matte finish tube and a minimal black and white colour combo. There is 9.2 ml of mascara in the tube and what makes this fancy is the twisting wand. I hate how I need to squint and get mascara all over my cheek while trying to coat my lower lashes. Maybe I am Shrek but honestly, every single time there are some damn black spots everywhere.

The wand definitely helps a lot to coat lower lashes without any super fancy gizmos. The mascara formula is average. In this new age when mascaras are supposed to be 3D, eye brightening, super pigmented, 24 hour stay and spew rainbows, it’s just average. I still like to use my L’Oreal Voluminous over this one, solely for the formula. It’s a true black, which surprisingly not a lot of mascaras offer.  It dries pretty quickly, so that is a plus point. I bat my eyelids in an Elizabeth Taylor fashion, so I definitely like that aspect. I don’t use a curler, but this definitely gives some hold while separating the eyelashes because of its cool wand. I found that two layers were good enough to have intense volume.

I do like it because of the wand and good pigmentation. It doesn’t clump a lot like some other mascaras I have used. I wouldn’t recommend spending $18 on the product though. You might as well throw in a couple of bucks and buy the “They’re Real” by Benefit. If you’re getting it for free, then grab it because it looks pretty neat.

CK One Mascara Review  (1)CK One Mascara Review  (2)CK One Mascara Review  (4)


  • Fairly good pigmentation
  • Great wand, twists to be tighter for lower lashes
  • Good quantity
  • Dries quickly
  • Gives good volume
  • Doesn’t clump a lot


  • Really expensive
  • Nothing to set it apart from drugstore mascaras

Rating: B

Price: $18

Recommendation: The CK One Mascara is nice to look at and works fairly decently – doesn’t clump a lot, good pigmentation and gives definition but for the $18 tag, I would give it a pass. There are cheaper drugstore mascaras that perform as well as this one and for $18 you could get your hands on some other fancy must have stuff!

Guest Review by Apurva

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