Brown Girl in the ring-tra-lulla-lulla…And she looks like a sugar in a plum. Plum Plum

Never understood that song- why the hell  would there be sugar in a plum and why would a girl look like that? Noo idea, but at the moment this brown girl is loving a brown eyeliner called the Chambor Eye Definer. Seems like you guys are loving it to, because when I posted about this highlighter here, so many of you asked about which eyeliner I was wearing. Well , it was this one.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, okay well ladies and only ladies…its the Chambor Eye Definer in Brown (02) ! Its a chocolatey , yummy, brown with no shimmer and gives a nice, glossy sheen.

So the deal is I have actually gotten over glossy eyeliners, I feel they look unnatural and soft mattes that I can smudge are usually my cuppa tea, but this eyeliner is a soft gloss ,  almost a silky matte so it kind of works. Plus it seems to be my exact eye color so its quite flattering.

Other details- super smooth to apply, dries quickly and easy enough for a newbie to use. It lasts for 7-8 hours or so after it begins to chip a bit which is kind of annoying. You know like little bits of paint peel off but honestly that is after a whole days work so not a biggie for me. Gets easily removed with water, but not so easily that you will get brown tears if you cry so hurrah for that!

Downside- this is super pricey. Honestly its quite over priced in my opinion – would have pegged this at around the 450 mark so the price took me aback a bit.

chambor-eye-definer3 chambor-eye-definer4


Verdict: A-

Price: Rs 895/-

Recommendation: A gorgeous chocolate brown, this Chambor eye definer is smooth, gives a soft sheeny finish and is a total breeze to apply. Lasts for long, dries quickly and does all the right things a liner is supposed to do but damn, that is a bit of money for this!

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