*This is not a full review..just a preview*

So these cuties landed in my lap some time back and Iv been trying to test them out over the last few days. People have given them such RAVE reviews that I was dying to try these!

I dont know if its just me, but Im not quite sure how I feel about them. These are like a cross between a stain and a gloss and while some of the colors they come in are quite pretty, there is something about them I cant quite put my finger on that is slightly off. However, still testing them as I there has to be a reason why everyone over the world is loving them.

I do like how long lasting and lightweight they are. Absolute breeze to wear.

loreal-shine-caress-1 loreal-shine-caress


Have you guys tried these? What are your thoughts on them ? I shall do a full review soon!

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