One of the advantages of full time blogging is that I now have enough time to go and attend these cute little events that happen now and then. Since this one was right in my backyard Рthe new Bobbi Brown store opening in Ambience Mall Gurgaon, I was super ecstatic that I could  finally reach somewhere without having to spend an hour in a cab !

bobbi brown ambience


The signature black enamel detailing and those chandeliers which I absolutely adore !!


So THAT is the Spring/Summer collection which will be launched soon. No points for guessing why I love it- its all shades of orange and peach !!


Shout out to these Art Sticks- these are actually available in store. These are AWESOME. Eliano (Regional Training Manager for Bobbi Brown actually tried these on me. So these are lip liners + lipsticks + cream blushes in one. He tried sunset orange on me which is a BRIGHT tangerine orange.



These will be out soon but OMGHHKP am I buying this when they release or what. You know how much I love my Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner right? Well this is Gel eyeliner in pencil form. No kidding- Eliano used this on me and it gives exactly the finish of a gel liner but so much more convenient. Total love !


bobbibrownambience bobbi-brown-ambience-mall1

Sunset Orange on my lips AND cheeks !!! And the gel eyeliner pencils on my eyes.

XO bobbi !! XO right back to her :) I LOVE how personalised her stores are. She even sent each of us hand written notes when Bobbi Brown first launched. The little things that matter.



Look who I met- thats Komal from ‘ The Delhi Fashion blogger’- you guys might recognise her from her youtube videos. She’s a joke a minute that one.

photo (1)



What I wore- my fav summer pants from Zara! 

Picture from Komals Instagram- Thats Eliano working his magic ! I LOVE his accent- cant place it but sounds Italian.

On my skin:

  • Bobbi Brown CC cream
  • Bobbi Brown BB Cream used over CC Cream
  • The Sunset Orange Artstick on my lips
  • The Sunset Orange Art stick on my cheeks
  • Gel eyeliner in pencil form (coming soon) on my eyes

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