So the last time I went shopping for sneakers was before my honeymoon – a trip to Europe means a LOT of walking (their version of “walkable distance” is like 40 min walk !!!)  . I had gone to the Adidas store and picked up this plain blue pair with just the white adidas stripe because that seemed to be one of the few ‘sleek’ shoes there. Ofcourse my mom was pestering me to buy all sorts of pinks and lime greens but somehow I tend to go for a sleeker shape rather than the bulkier ones!

I am now super annoyed because their new farm collection would have been the PERFECT shoe to take on my vacay had it been launched then. The prints on these are so freaking cute, they really are the perfect fashion statement you could ever make with your sneakers!!! Specially if you are a sporty girl and you head to the gym, these are ADORABLE !

Why “Farm Collection”

Incase you are wondering why Adidas calls these the Farm Collection, its not because you will find pig and sheep on them. They have actually collaborated with the Brazilian Label “The Farm Company” and come up with a funky, new age collab that really works !



The colors are so adorable !

adidas-farm-collection-2 adidas-farm-collection-apparel-1


adidas-farm-collection-apparel-2 adidas-farm-collection-shoes2

These two above were my favourites! The first one has this pastel sort of Chinese watercolor painting print on the shoe and neon yellow stripes and the second one is the PRETTIEST shade of turquoise with orange and hot pink detailing.

Honestly, these are the type of sneakers I would like wear even if I wasn’t going to the gym- just cute white shorts , a tee and these !



The third shoe is this mustard and brown one with the white stripes- not my fav color but definitely a funky print.


The thing thats great about these is that not only are they super cute, they really are very soft and comfortable from the Inside. So my problem with sneakers usually is that the ones with the good soles, are too high and bulky and the very narrow ones seem to  provide very little protection- but these walk the middle path so thumbs up for that

Prices: These should set you back something around 4000 bucks.

What else is there: Cute T’s (ill show you guys tommorow..Some ADORABLE t’s!)

I wanna see more: Check out the full collection here

I know…I counted Adorable like 10 times in this post

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