There are two things I am currently searching for these days. The first is a new house ( a whole saga on it is coming soon. Its not even funny how annoying that has been). The second thing is a highlighter РIv run out of my Benefit Highlighting kit , and while the Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick is gorgeous, I wanted to test a colorless one which can be worn with any blush. So  currently testing the Chambor Skin sheer highlighter fluid. But, I chanced upon this Captivating Mineralize Eyeshadow by Mac, and its the perfect highlighter for your cheekbones!



mac-mineralize-eyeshadow-captivating-001 mac-mineraliz-eyeshadow=captivating-001


So the deal is, Mac intended this to be an eyeshadow. But I think its just a brilliant highlighter- it has gold and silver both and when you mix them together you get a lovely, champagne colored almost colorless glow and sheen. This is ofcourse nice as a ‘below the brow’ highlighting shadow, but I like to use this on my face

I used this on my cheekbones and at the bridge of my nose.



Used on cheek and edge of nose

I love how it gives this effortlessly glowing skin, and even though the shadow is shimmery it sort of melts into your skin so you dont get that chunky glitter on the cheeks. Isnt it kind of lovely?

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