Have you guys seen the all new Forever 21 in Delhi? Its way cooler than the older one in Ambience Mall  and is MUCH cheaper too. I was in  Emporio today to do a story on Bridal Buys in Ensemble (That article is on the Wed Me Good Blog here) and happened to cross the store – coudnt resist a quick purchase.

outfitpost1 Its official- printed PJ’s are the new jeggings.  Im going to buy like 3 of these and live in them in the summer because they are SUPER comfortable and airy an these ones specially with the belt attached can pass off as semi formal wear. Love em- they even had some floral print ones in F21 but I likes these ones better.

Outfit from:

Price of Printed PJ’s : 1200

Price of  Coral T shirt- 300 bucks

Both from Forever 21!

On my face: Tinted moisturizer, Mac Dreaming Dahlia, Chambor Eye Definer in Brown

Chappals courtesy severe shoe bites because of which I cannot wear anything else.

They also had some fun crop tops, and everywhere I looked I saw 13-14 year old tweens in tiny shorts and crop tops discussing the ‘right way’ to wear a crop top!! F21 also had like full length maxi dresses for 600 bucks, basic camisoles for 150- its like FINALLY someone realised that they need to price it like its priced in the USA. Super affordable.


chunky-necklace-rhinestones-001 chunky-necklace1That serious bling around my neck is from this Facebook shop called Rosabelle Treasures. They have some really cute stuff- check it out here. What also impressed me is that  quite honestly most of these trinkets break in the mail, but they packaged it really securely so it reached me without any scratch!



This is another one of my favourite pieces from Rosabelle Treasures…also love their jade colored stone drop earrings.


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