Real Techniques Blush Brush Review (5) Real Techniques Blush Brush Review

About Real Techniques Blush Brush: Contour and define cheeks for flawlessly blended, high-definition results:

  • look pixel-perfect even in harsh light
  • ultra-plush, synthetic bristles are hand-cut and 100% cruelty-free
  • self-standing for easy storage
  • extended aluminium handle is light and easy to use

Real Techniques brushes have been on my wishlist for a long time but  the hassles of ordering  from my international website always set me back.  Well, recently a friend generously offered to get the Real Techniques brushes for me from abroad & how could I refuse that offer ?! I got the Real Techniques Blush Brush & Shader Brush, just to see if these are really as good as they are raved about beauty bloggers worldwide.

Real Techniques Blush Brush comes neatly packed in a sturdy plastic case which is reusable, especially to carry it around while travelling. Love, the satin hot pink finish handle, it’s not only pretty but its made of aluminium, so its prone to crack open like those wooden ones plus its light weight. It does not tire your hands while using it. It has a rubber gripper at the end to make sure the brush does not slide from hand during application of blush.

Another thing which I noticed is how these brushes are actually labelled as what it’s made for, in this case ‘Blush Brush’, its really thoughtful rather than giving brushes some weird numbers which are hard to remember. Also, this comes with a flat bottom, so they stand right up on the dresser and do not demand any cups or holders to place it upright.

Real Techniques Blush Brush is a little too big in size & very fluffy, which actually makes the job easier. You get no sharp lines, just perfectly blended color on the cheeks. The shape is kind of like a dome and the bristles are dual colored, which does not get stained easily. Bristles are slightly tapered at the middle which helps in picking enough color from the pan. These are synthetic bristles, so no shedding while washing or using at all. Super easy to clean & dries up in about 5-6 hours retaining its normal shape.

The brush is very very soft on the skin and is of really good quality. But can I compare it MAC Brushes in softness? I would say these are surely 8/10 if MAC ones are 10/10.

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  1. Very affordable
  2. High quality brushes
  3. Super soft bristles
  4. 100% Cruelty free – synthetic bristles
  5. Comes with a flat bottom, stands on its own, plus these are colourful & labelled with names for which these brushes are meant for.
  6. Sturdy aluminium handle


  1. These aren’t available offline in India but can be ordered online (available on sites like

Rating: A-

Price: $ 9 (approx Rs. 550)

Recommendation: For the price, these are really good brushes. The  Real Techniques Blush Brush is perfect for applying blush, it is super soft, easy to maintain, cruelty free, has stunning looks, and gives beautifully blended color without any harsh lines.

Guest Review By Priya

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