The Body Shop Mango Body Scrub Review (2) The Body Shop Mango Body Scrub Review

Always read the VERY CAREFULLY label before you buy anything! I recently got a refresher in this simple lesson after buying The Body Shop Mango Body Scrub. The tub clearly says for “very dry skin” and being a sucker for cute packaging and luscious textures, I bought it thinking how bad can it be for my normal-dry combination skin? Turns out, TBS means what they put on the pack (silly me, I know). This scrub is definitely meant for very dry skin (or possibly extreme winter usage) and I am now planning to pass it on to my mum!

What Body Shop says, “Have soft, glowing skin with this oil-based, soft-textured scrub that is packed with exfoliating salt grains and organic sugar. BEST FOR: very dry skin

How it works:

  • Mango seed oil moisturizes and softens skin without being greasy.
  • Community Trade organic cane sugar and salt grains gently exfoliate skin.

Community Trade organic soy oil, rich in essential fatty acids, helps repair skin’s moisture barrier for smooth, supple skin.”

My experience with the product:

Standard Body Shop tub packaging with pretty tropical colors on the label. While it is definitely sturdy, I am not a fan on dipping into the tub every time to scoop out the product. Since scrubs get gooey if water gets into them, I use a spatula to take out the required amount.

It has a faint mango smell that feels a bit artificial and synthetic to me. But as fragrance is very subjective and a matter of personal preference, you may want to give it a sniff in the store. Appearance of the texture is deceptive, while it looks super gentle and soft (and may have you thinking it won’t exfoliate well), the opposite is true when you add a bit of water and rub it on your skin. The tiny particles in the scrub exfoliate diligently and effectively. It is not abrasive though. It melts fast but if you don’t use too much water, a little works well to cover a large area. Will help remove dead skin cells in winters and also give your skin some much needed TLC with its organic soy oil. Leaves the skin with an oily residue on my normal – dry skin but would work super well for very dry skin (as TBS says!)

My skin feels super soft and smooth after using it and being a super humid city, I can totally skip the lotion after this.

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What Works:

  • Effective exfoliation
  • Leaves the skin feeling moisturized and nourished, normal skin people can skip lotion after this!
  • Used with just right amount of water, can go a long way
  • Cruelty free, TBS products are not tested on animals

What May Not Work:

  • Leaves oily residue on skin – best for very dry skin, may work for normal skin during winters
  • Tub packaging isn’t very hygienic
  • The mango fragrance feels a bit synthetic

Rating: A

 Price: INR 1095

Recommendation: The Body Shop Mango Body Scrub is definitely for those with very dry skin as it exfoliates effectively and leaves the skin supple and nourished with organic soy oil. People with oily skin should stay miles away but those who miss mangoes in the winter may try it then when the oily residue on skin isn’t a problem!

Guest Review By Shilpa

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