Pops of neon, iced Mojitos, coral, mint and breezy dresses ! That is what summer means to me ! This weeks lust list is inspired by all things SUMMAH! Im feeling like a splurge these days but in between house hunting and office hunting there is little time left in between. ( Also, finally found a house. hopefully- the landlord is ripping us off honestly but there seems to be no decent furnished 2 bhk available in Gurgaon. Guys, if you know of any pls let me know we still havent finalised!)

1. Mint Bag (looks like a MK Replica): I swear if Micheal Kors made that Hamilton satchel in mint, I would lap it up faster than you can say “Pop” . Sigh. Love Anyone seen anything like this around in India.

2. Turquoise dress with pink blossoms : I know this is totally 14 year old girl material, but I love it nonetheless. I would probably look ridiculous in that but its just so…PURTTTYYY!! No idea where it is available but need , want, must have !

3.Coral shoes: Are these for real? I know they are probably to hot to sport for summer but seriously. These are gorge ! By the way- Bata has the prettiest coral shoes with rhinestones i have EVER seen. They are gorge! Zara has these uber cute ballet flats with rhinestones as well.. very pretty!

4.Coral and Mint drop earrings: Two fav colors in one piece of bling. Whats not to love? They are probably incredibly tacky in person (I hate those translucent kind of fake stones somehow), but they paint a pretty picture these earrings. I also recently got a gorgeous necklace from Rosabelle Treasures- cant wait to do an outfit post with it !

5. Dior Tan Nude SHimmering powder: I dont know what this does exactly but in my head it gives me a soft, gorgeous glow for my summer night parties. (I speak as if I actually have summer night parties often, but mostly Im curled up in PJ’s at home)

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