Im always a bit wary of putting these ‘Birchbox’ type of things on the blog- for one, there was that terrible experience with Glossy Box which never saw the light of day in India, and there seem to be a dime a dozen boxes that crop up everywhere and then vanish into thin air. But this months Envy Box got me kind of excited …

Mostly because it had Benefit! But also because it had an interesting Skin Yoga Product and a Free Cushion Cover !! So cute ! I am very cheaply Indian like that- love free things.



They changed up the color this time from peach to pink.

benefit-fake0upCant wait to try the Benefit Fake Up Hydrating Crease Control Concealer!

my-envy-box (9)


Thats almost a full sized bottle of H20 Sea Moss Body Wash

my-envy-box (6)


Skin Yoga- these are like granules that can be mixed with water and then they form a thick paste. Think your traditional home made beauty recipe packaged into what looks like  an ointment a doctor in Game of Thrones would prescribe (obsessed with GOT)

my-envy-box (10)


I was super excited to see this black pouch by Za cosmetics cos the packaging was so sleek and reminded me of Batman. But when i opened it –


Whitening cream ! Dissapointing.


Yet another whitening essence. Sigh – we have a no whitening policy on P&B if yr wondering why im dissapointed.

my-envy-box (17)

my-envy-box (14)


That cushion if from monsoon and beyond ! Came at the right time considering Im moving into a new place soon huh? What say- a yellow and grey living room inspiration?? Could be fun!

Super fun envy box this time guys . You can check them out here – Envy Box

For those unfamiliar with Beauty Boxes the funda is- pay a monthly subscription fee and get to try sample sized products of high end brands.


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