Right so you have not been blessed with an oval face shape on which goddamn everything looks good. If you are like me, then the bane of your existance is how wide your face looks (True story: Before the boys parents met me, they saw a photo of mine just the face and thought I was quite chubby).

So I roped in Celebrity Stylist Rod Anker to put all your questions to rest .  If you have seen images of this good looking guy splashed across Monsoon Salon posters in Delhi- congratulations, you have already had your first interaction with Rod Anker ;) .  He is part of probably every Beauty Jury there exists including the Cosmo Beauty Panel (we are on that too yippeee!), the Elle Beauty jury  , is the preferred Stylist for NDTV’s Im too sexy for my shoes and  the director for Monsoon Salon an Spa

So Rod, is there a magic mantra to identifying what looks good on a person?

Rod : “When it comes to what suits you and what would be the best look for you, it is far beyond just a simple do this or do that based on what I think or what is even in fashion! It comes down to what suits your face shape and the texture of your hair. Fairly often we have a fixation on what we should be doing with our hair yet it is a far cry from what we actually do so let me help you by explaining more. Face shape plays a large part of what would be the best for you and you really have to make sure you action this once you determine what face shape you actually have! That is if you want to look your best regardless of length etc so lets go”

P&B Edit: If you dont know what your face shape is, a quick exercise is to trace your face in the mirror with a sketch pen. Helps identify the shape quickly. Just make sure you hide that sketch pen before your mom throws a fit about you ruining her mirror!

Okay, so give us some quick pointers for each face shape!

Round Face : Well no one wants to admit they have a round face first of all. But round face you should avoid bobs or anything that finishes at the chin length as this will make you look fuller. Avoid fullness around the ear area as it will add weight to your look. Try and extend the overall shape by adding length .

P&B Layman terms: Make your face look less football type by adding length to your hair , reducing width around the ears, and ensuring your hair cut doesnt end at the chin. 

Long face : Do NOT keep your hair too long, you need to shrink your look without making it look uncomfortable or weird. The right length would ideally be between the collar bone and chin depending on your exact look but this is a guide

Square Face: If you happen to have a square face you need to add softness to your look by adding volume on the sides and the top to round off the overall look. Don’t keep your hair too short as this will look too severe on your face shape

P&B Layman terms: This is my face shape and its exactly the hair style I sport so yayie, My haircut is rod approved ;) . I have a layered razor with volume around the sides and I almost always make a poof at the top.

Oval Face: Again the goal is to counter balance the look, so adding more fullness is the wrong approach if you have a oval face. Add fullness to the lower area of your hair and nothing on the top, keep it fairly flat. A little extra length is ideal just past the collar bone.

Thanks Rod ! Im sure that shed some amount of light on the kind of haircut to ask your stylist next time?

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