Its 40 freaking 5 degrees outside and all I want is an Cola bar to get me through summer . That and my hot pink lipsticks for every Sunday morning brunch, lunch, dinner, heck even around the house ! Anyhoo, these are the cuties gracing my lips this summer (apart from the boy ;) )

PS: Is it just me or is Cola bar always sold out and they sell you orange instead. Like whats the deal with that Kwality Walls?

#1 Nyx Spellbound




Nyx Spellbound is my most recent fav- its a gorgeous, gorgeous bright pink that is not super neon and not like a deep magenta and looks great on me. It lasts really long, but fades a bit unevenly which is annoying …Full review coming soon!


#2 Bobbi Brown Pink Lily



Doesn’t work when I have a tan, but when I dont this one is INSANELY pretty. Like a candy pink which I never thought i could carry off but hey it looks great! I think of this like the Chatterbox for medium skintones. See full review

#3 Mac Double Dare Lipgloss

mac-cremesheen-lipglass-double-dareWearing it as I type . Its super glossy, super yummy and gives a bright, drenched look (Its much brighter in person than in the picture above honestly). Cremesheens by Mac are anyway my fav kind of lipgloss so Im lapping these up! See full review

What are your favourite lipsticks for summer?? Tell on a shopping spree these days!


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